CES 2015: Key Takeaways on Digital Trends

CES 2015: Key Takeaways on Digital Trends

CES is not just about electronics anymore; it’s about all things digital related.

The presence of Fortune 500 companies across the board made this year’s event bigger and better than ever. From consumer goods, healthcare, retail and eCommerce, to telecom and digital advertising, everyone in the industry was there. The prominence of internet providers coming all the way from Asia and true digital tastemakers from various verticals set the tone for CES 2015.

The name of the game was – VIDEO.

CES provided Idomoo with the perfect stage to launch Dynamic Video Ads – an advanced mass-scale customized auto-generated video ad solution. The personalized automated video ads resonated extremely well with thought leaders from leading brands and agencies. Medialink, Amazon, OMD, Cadbury, JP Morgan, Walgreens, Sands Casino and Resorts and J&J, visited our booth and gave us insight into their video marketing dilemmas. They all told us they “need a comprehensive video strategy.”

There’s a lot of video value to what we learnt at CES this year. Brands are well aware of the fact that they need to implement an effective video advertising strategy in their marketing mix. But the question is HOW?

Before we get to that, let’s look at what we learnt from brands and what they’re seeking when it comes to building their video marketing strategy:

• To accelerate relevant, personal communication and turn it into digestible and engaging video content.
• To revolutionize and to make their content more appealing.
• To stand out, cut through the noise, offer extra added value to the customer experience.

Now, let’s consider a few of the challenges brands are faced with:

• Video production is expensive and time-consuming.
• Big data needs to allow database segmentation and personalization. Brands are struggling to find the right use cases to match the right data.
• By 2018, video will account for 75% of all global internet traffic, according to Cisco.

Finally, let’s crack the HOW question. How do we leverage our investment in big data and make it meaningful for our customers?

The rise in big data has its benefits and drawbacks. With time it will become increasingly difficult for brands to differentiate themselves, and find a significant way to engage with their consumers, connecting with each one on a more personal level.

Gathering valuable consumer information online or via the Cloud is already becoming a thing of the norm. Trendy wearables and digital gadgets like Slow Control’s Baby Glgl – the smart connected baby bottle that proved highly popular at this year’s CES event – are jumping on the digital tracking bandwagon to measure and follow each user’s habits meticulously. Ultimately, this specific data collection allows brands to profile each and every customer closer and understand their ongoing behavioral and buying patterns.

There’s a lot of valuable information about user preferences, social habits, demographics and – video advertising should profit from this – especially in the light of big data. Marrying big data demographic know-how with compelling video content and technology is imperative.

And that’s where Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads comes in. Designed to monetize user visits, increase traffic and generate more sales, the dynamic ads use segmentation metrics, customizing online visitor data in real-time to create a customized video ad.



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