Video as an App: For Surveys, Shopping, Forms, UGC and More

Think about video. What comes to mind? Most likely, it’s a passive experience. Popcorn in hand, you click to watch a video, sit back and enjoy.

But with the latest tech, video is so much more. Now, it’s where you go to get something done — just as you’d go to an app on your desktop or phone for any number of day-to-day tasks. Think of filling out customer surveys. An interactive calculator. Even internal training videos. The possibilities for Interactive Video are virtually endless.

We’ll dig into the ins and outs of video apps, including its evolution, examples and why it works so well. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

How Video Evolved To Be Interactive

We can’t talk about where video is heading without first explaining how it came to be. Here’s how the medium has changed over the years:

  • The first generation (1990): The beginning of the internet. Videos are manually generated by professionals.
  • The second generation (2000): The beginning of the social era. Videos are, again, manually generated. This time, though, the editing process is made easier with simple editing tools.
  • The third generation (2010): The beginning of the automation era. Videos are now automatically generated based on data, templates and business rules.
  • The fourth generation (2020+): Video apps become a reality. Instead of a static brochure, videos are now an application ready for customer use.

Video has had quite the evolution — and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Now, video is dynamic. With in-user customization and interactive features, users can turn to video just as they would any other app.

Note: When we talk about apps here, we’re not limited to mobile apps. Think of any digital application to handle a task. Many tasks you can accomplish right in a video with all the benefits of audio and visuals guiding you along.

From Video Brochure to Video Application

Traditional Video ExperienceVideo App Experience
MonologueDialogue with users giving input
Linear storytellingNonlinear flow controlled by users
Passive viewersViewers taking action
Quickly out of dateData-driven, evergreen and contextual
Users are viewersUsers are creators

How Video Can Be an App

No, we’re not talking about creating videos here. We’re considering it from the user’s perspective, where they use your (video) app to complete tasks. While these videos serve the same end goal, they can look a lot different.

For instance, imagine you’re thinking of applying for a mortgage. After some research, you find a provider who’s created an online video calculator that generates your estimated loan in real time. Click the lightning bolt to try it yourself.

Now imagine you’re a new employee. You receive an email with several resources from your employer, including an app to help with training. You’re able to immerse yourself in a typical day on the job — straight from your device.

And that’s not all. Video apps can do much more. Other examples:

  • A survey for customers to complete, so it’s easy to keep your NPS up to date.
  • A form for patients to fill out before their appointment. (We’re HIPAA compliant.)
  • Product customization where users can input preferences to instantly see their vision in the video before clicking to purchase.

Video apps are interactive, but did you know they can also be evergreen? With live data, videos update in real time. For example, an ecommerce video can connect to retail inventory so product availability and prices update in real time — and out-of-stock items can be dynamically swapped for seasonal sales.

Whatever you choose, you decide the business logic and determine what the video does. Include in-player customization to let users change the video in real time. Add clickable web links. Invoke external APIs. Send an automated text when a vuser takes a certain action.

It all works to give a holistic, human experience to the user.

App Interfaces: Why Video Works Best

There are a number of app interfaces to choose from. What makes video the best?

For one, video is what today’s consumers want. Just take a look at TikTok. Its focus on shareable videos, easy for anyone to create, fueled its meteoric rise in popularity. It’s more than just social media. Gen Z is already using it as a search platform. And data from our recent market study shows that the demand for video from brands, including Interactive Video, is on the rise:

  • 62% of consumers want more video from brands.
  • Gen Z is 59% more likely to want video interactivity.

Video is also easier to program (provided you have the right tools — see below) and offers broad flexibility. To create an app, you might choose from Java or C++, but those can be difficult to work with — especially when trying to create a compelling user interface. HTML is easy but limited in its capabilities. Video combines the best of both. It’s simple for developers to implement, and at the same time, gives viewers a next-level visual experience.

Creating Video Apps With the Right Digital Tools

Video is rapidly changing, and our enterprise-grade, fully open Next Generation Video Platform is powering its transformation. Some of today’s biggest brands are already using our platform to personalize videos at scale.

But the great thing about Interactive Video is that you don’t need CRM data — you can let the user personalize their own experience as they go through the video. It creates a better CX and helps you learn more about them, a win-win for brands and consumers. And if you do have data, all the better. Combine personalization with interactivity for the most customized and immersive experience available.

Companies across industries are leveraging Idomoo Interactive Video in a variety of ways. Gaming companies are wowing players with videos just as interactive as the games they play. Banks are making offers engaging and actionable. What will you do for your customers with your video app? Schedule a 15-minute call with one of our team members to start brainstorming.

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