Decade in Review: Saints Take a Long Look Back With Personalized Video

You’ve heard about a year in review. But what about a decade in review?

Adopted by brands like the Financial Times, WW, and Spotify, personalized recaps are engaging and shareable, perfect for social media.

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When it comes to sending your customers personalized recap videos, a year in review might be the most common scenario. The end of the year is a natural time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished over the past year. Dozens of brands, from Delta to Weight Watchers, have used Personalized Video to connect with their audience and grab attention.

They’ve created videos that sum up the viewer’s readership (the Financial Times), player stats (gaming brands), workouts (Orangetheory Fitness), and much more.

And we don’t need to name-drop Spotify here, but let’s do it anyway. Year after year, Spotify Wrapped is one of the most talked-about marketing campaigns out there. Recap videos are engaging, shareable and personalized, made for the era of viral social sharing. What’s not to love?

A Decade To Remember

Southampton Football Club had amazing results last year partnering with Idomoo on their first Personalized Video campaign, so they kicked things up a notch (pun absolutely intended) for their next campaign — covering a full decade in review. Still 100% unique and personalized for every fan.

Take a look below.

As you can see, it’s more than a season in review. The Saints expanded their campaign to cover a full decade of games for each fan. There were a range of personalized data points, such as:

  • the fan’s name
  • matches attended
  • goals seen
  • miles traveled

And all of it was seamlessly blended with video, courtesy of our Next Generation Video Platform.

Instead of a “season in numbers” as before, this decade in numbers highlighted the big wins and other top moments that fans were a part of, live from the stadium, over the years. Thanks to the power of personalisation, the story changes based on who’s watching. For those who’d already renewed, the goal was to increase their sense of pride in their team. For those who hadn’t, it was to encourage them to renew.

Each personalized video ended with a personal shoutout to the fan and, if relevant, a prompt to buy a season ticket.

“Personalised Videos are proving to be invaluable when it comes to celebrating the loyalty of our fan base,” said Jack Walkling, Head of Marketing at Southampton Football Club. “We’re focusing on giving the recognition that fans deserve and their commitment to the club, especially after the difficulty of last season.”


Orangetheory Fitness scored with their personalized loyalty campaign — here’s how

The campaign was a big win all around. It was shared across social media, boosting brand reach, and engagement with those who saw the video was a whopping 15x higher compared to Southampton Football Club’s benchmark.

“A personalised highlight reel like this celebrates fans’ connection to the team, going far beyond what you can say in an email or generic announcement,” explained Dotan Ginsbourg, GM of Gaming here at Idomoo.

“Southampton Football Club loves their fans, and that passion comes through in this video at a personal level, which is what makes it so shareable and so effective,” he said.
Read more about this campaign in the news.

Tips for Your Recap Video Campaign

So a couple takeaways here if you’re planning a similar campaign. Think outside the “year in review” box. It might be a fit, but you might want to do something longer (or even shorter — we’ve seen both).

And let your enthusiasm for your audience shine through. It’s in the name: Personalized Video. This is all about the personal connection. Adding a personal message at the end can make a difference.

Since Southampton FC distributed their video via email, they also used a Personalized Graphic as their thumbnail to right away show viewers that this video was just for them. And it was a GIF, adding movement to capture attention. The personalized GIF was a good strategy, increasing click-through rates by 33%. (Personalized GIFs are always our recommendation. Read our best practices guide for adding video to email.)

Pro tip: Personalized recap videos can also have a UGC component, letting fans pick what they want in the video so they can generate it right then (in real time) with the stats or memories they want featured.

Looking Ahead

What’s next for the Saints? Their proudest moment was in 1976 when they beat Manchester United 1-0 in the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, but the club has been around for 137 years so they’ve got a lot of history and much more still to come. At Idomoo, we’re just proud to help them tell their story.

“Working alongside Idomoo, we have been able to achieve another successful campaign,” Walking said, “highlighting a decade of devotion and helping to secure a future of support.”

Your Turn

Ready to kick things in gear for your customer engagement strategy? Recap videos — whether it’s a season, a year or longer — are the perfect antidote to boring communications. People love themselves, and making them the star of their own video is bound to turn heads.

We can show you how it’s simple and scalable. Just give us a shout, and we’ll be in touch.

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