Madison Advisors Names Idomoo Top Dynamic Video Platform

Madison Advisors Names Idomoo Top Dynamic Video Platform

Madison Advisors analysts have named Idomoo a standout interactive Personalized Video platform in their recent study of the industry. Worth hundreds of millions in 2021, the interactive Personalized Video market is forecasted to grow even more in 2022.

The findings come from their Interactive Personalized Video Market Study. Among the solutions covered in the study, Idomoo ranked at the top — solidifying our status as one of the best tools companies can leverage to keep up with the demands of increasingly personalized and engaging customer communications.

“Madison Advisors found that Idomoo’s robust Next Generation Video Platform enables organizations to quickly deliver relevant content and engage customers with personalized, interactive video campaigns. The solution offers a unique CCM (customer communications management) channel in which customers can control the level of engagement.”

– Rich Huff, Senior Analyst, Madison Advisors

The Importance of Interactive Personalized Video

It’s no secret Personalized Video is growing in its importance. Madison Advisors analysts have taken note of how data-driven video is revolutionizing the way companies engage their customers. And these companies span industries — from gaming to financial services to healthcare — for a variety of use cases.

One notable way Personalized Video is transforming customer communications? Simplifying complex messages. Here are some specific examples:

  • Explaining financial statements
  • Walking customers through a new program
  • Clarifying pro rata billing for telco customers
  • Navigating employees through benefit options
  • Reviewing investments

Take a look at the Personalized Video below, explaining the nuances of forbearance, to see how this would look in action.

Personalized data replaces irrelevant information. Viewers can see exactly how much they owe, their deadlines, and more. In doing so, a complicated process shifts from a challenge to an opportunity to delight viewers with a positive customer experience — cutting call center call volume and driving retention.

The video also addresses each customer by name, a human touch in this ultra-digital world. And it’s interactive, so viewers can select what they need straight from the video.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. This new era of customer interaction is full of potential, and Idomoo is at the forefront.

How We Stood Out

You can see how we fared in the study below. Among the vendors studied, we scored highest on the functionality of our platform and toward the top for vision.

Madison Advisors chart

How’d we do it? Madison Advisors ran through the factors that drove us to ranking towards the top — here are the features noted for our high scores.

A Platform That Works With You

Personalizing videos — one for every single customer — is straightforward with our easy-to-use platform. It’s also fully open so you can handle your own Personalized Video campaigns from start to finish. Need some help? Our team is available for full-service support.

Other features worth noting that streamline the process, according to Madison Advisors, include:

  • A drag-and-drop interface to simplify story creation
  • Powerful automation tools, such as auto scene trimming and audio leveling
  • Plugin for Adobe After Effects
  • Several built-in APIs
  • Integrations, such as those with HubSpot and Salesforce

Faster Time To Market

With high scores on functionality, we’re bound to be fast, too. You can launch personalized campaigns with millions of videos in days, not weeks. That’s exactly what Fortnite did, launching a campaign for millions of gamers around the globe in just 2 weeks.

And when you save time, you’re saving money and driving ROI.

An Immersive Experience

While all service providers in the study offered personalized elements in their videos, what sets ours apart is that personalization always appears native to the video. Dynamic elements move with the rest of the video, creating a seamless, immersive experience for the viewer.

What does that look like in action? Here’s one example. In the video below (around the 22-second mark — when the speaker walks in front of the personalized license plate), the personalized plate stays on the car… instead of, say, floating on the top layer of the scene.

Immersive personalization means your customer gets a cinematic experience every time.

As the analysts noted in the study, “Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform’s ability to present high-quality video in real time with robust interactive design features stood out.”

Real-Time Presentation

Performance at scale was a differentiator for Idomoo, according to the study.

“Idomoo’s Next Generation Video Platform is unique in its proven ability to deliver real-time video personalization at virtually infinite scale without sacrificing quality,” the analysts found.

Personalized Videos speak to today’s audience demanding instant, individualized content. Standing in their way of interest is lag time — a surefire way to deter customers. With our platform, videos can be rendered in real-time so viewers can watch their video right away.

Real-Time Analytics

Last, but not least, Madison Advisors notes our analytics dashboard, which allows clients to track campaign results in real time. Everything from the big picture to insight on individual customers is available in the dashboard.

Clients can then leverage those metrics for future campaigns or even to adjust current campaigns on the fly.

Leading Innovation in Personalized Video

As a leader in Personalized Video, we’re always innovating. Our features have reached wide acclaim, as evident in Madison Advisors’ study — but we have a lot more in store for our growth in the future.

Curious about any of the features mentioned above? Our team members are ready to dive into a conversation about anything and everything involving our platform.

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