How Music for Life Launched a Personalized Video Campaign with Idomoo in Just Over Two Weeks, Reaching a 79% Click-to-Open Rate

How Music for Life Launched a Personalized Video Campaign with Idomoo in Just Over Two Weeks, Reaching a 79% Click-to-Open Rate

Music for Life is a charity organization created by the popular Belgian radio station, Studio Brussels. Each year, during the week prior to Christmas, Music for Life hosts The Warmest Week, a live event at which they raise money to support over 1,000 charities.

2016 marked the 10th edition of The Warmest Week, and Music for Life collected over $8 million in donations with the help of their project volunteers.

The Challenge 

How do you properly thank a dedicated group of people for volunteering their time and resources to a charity that personally affects so many lives? That was the question raised by Music for Life when they sought out an individualized, emotionally-driven way to show their immense gratitude after the massive success of The Warmest Week 2016. 

Instruxion, an international online communication agency based in Brussels, Belgium, proposed a campaign aimed to thank each of the more than 6,000 organizers, show their personal impact on Music for Life, and drive shares on social media. The campaign had to be personal and engaging, and it needed to be quick and easy to launch with minimal outside help. Additionally, it needed to go live right after The Warmest Week, so it would still be at the forefront of recipients’ minds.

The Solution 

Music for Life partnered with multimedia innovation consultant Pieter Mylle at Instruxion to design a highly engaging campaign leveraging Idomoo’s Native Personalized Video platform.

Every video presented viewer-specific content like name, location, action taken to raise funds and the amount of money raised, ensuring a personal and engaging experience. 

Using the Idomoo Personalized Videos as a Service (PVaaS) platform Mylle and his team were able to plan, create and launch the visually striking Personalized Video campaign in just over two weeks. The campaign was delivered immediately after The Warmest Week wrapped up, while people were still very much interested in and talking about the fundraising initiative. 

About the experience, Mylle says, “With Idomoo, we were able to create a full Personalized Video campaign in a very short timeframe, managed in a single place. 

“The Idomoo platform perfectly fits into our existing animation and video creation workflow. We can keep using the tools we always have been using. Learning the platform was easy because of its well documented Academy, this from multiple perspectives: video creation, project management and web development. Idomoo highly satisfied both Instruxion and our customer.” 

The Results

The campaign’s quick turnaround proved critical to the success of the campaign, and also validated Idomoo’s low-touch PVaaS approach that allows agencies and video professionals to bring campaigns to market with ease. Timeliness combined with the emotional power of Personalized Video helped this campaign drive incredible results. 

There was an astounding 91% completion rate – meaning each video successfully captured and retained viewer attention until the end. Attention drop off was drastically minimized by the unique, viewer-specific content of the videos. 

Upon completion, viewers were prompted to share their campaigns on social media to spread awareness for Music for Life. 53% of viewers chose to share their video, driving an average of 7 views per video, with the top 5% of videos being viewed by an average of 79 people each. 

Idomoo’s PVaaS platform enabled Music for Life to achieve these extremely high levels of engagement, while only investing a couple weeks of work. 

I invite you to book a one-to-one demo of the Idomoo solution with a personalized video consultant to start a 1:1 customer journey and increase your revenue and ROI.

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