Consumers are adopting digital channels faster than ever in the wake of the pandemic, and they’re also trying out new brands. McKinsey & Company reports that most global consumers, including 73% of Americans, have tried new shopping behavior during the pandemic.

Winning back customer loyalty is still about relationships, the 1:1 interactions that can make the leap to a digital world and spark an emotional connection. That’s where our Next Generation Video Platform excels.

With our revolutionary Living Video features, you can make any video interactive and shoppable or even connect it to product inventory so prices and availability update in real time. It’s an evergreen, immersive sales tool that drives conversions and dazzles viewers.

  • 3.4x

    higher conversion

  • 8x

    increase in engagement

  • 10x

    uplift in sales

Drive Sales

Reach new customers with offers that are a perfect match for their interests, boosting conversion rates and ROI.

  • Customer acquisition: Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook and Instagram offer optimal targeting, matching the nearest store to their location and unique creative to their interests.
  • Cross-selling: Make any scene shoppable. Users can jump from products in their video right to your online store. Even better, connect your retail inventory as a Living Data feed, and your video updates in real time.
  • Checkout experience: Upsell at checkout with contextual product recommendations. Or fight cart abandonment with interactive videos to help them complete their purchase.

Grow Loyalty

Give your customers the attention they deserve with a personalized loyalty video. Our platform makes it easy to connect 1:1 with millions of customers.

  • Onboarding: Explain the perks of your program in a format they’ll actually pay attention to — Personalized Video.
  • Loyalty statement: Share point balances and year-in-review recaps to communicate value at a glance.

Client Campaigns

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