Marketing to Generation Alpha: Everything You Need to Know

Ambitious, empowered and predicted to be the largest generation in history by 2025 — Generation Alpha is already catching the attention of brands.

Just take a look at Nike, who collaborated with popular gaming platform Fortnite to reach today’s tweens. Or Mattel, who launched a line of Barbies made from recycled plastics in hopes of winning over this environmentally conscious generation.

While the Alphas have only just hit tweendom, their voice is loud and their ideas are big. Brands must choose to listen — or risk fading into irrelevance.

What makes this generation unique? How can businesses begin to build brand affinity with these mini millennials? Keep reading to find out.

Who Is Generation Alpha?

Generation Alpha includes all children born in or after 2010, and they’ve earned quite a few nicknames, including Gen A, Generation Glass and Upagers. Whatever you choose to call them, you need to know the following.

  • Millennial parents offer key insight into their buying behavior. We can look to Gen Alpha’s parents to determine what and where they’re buying — 87% of parents say their children influence their purchase decisions.
  • They’re more empowered than any other generation. Unlimited access to information gives this generation unprecedented awareness into social issues and the resources to fight them.
  • They’re shaped by technology. Advanced, smarter technology is everywhere for this generation, from education to social interactions and beyond. Statistics show 65% of children ages 8 to 11 either own or have access to a mobile phone at home.

How To Market to Generation Alpha

Speaking Generation Alpha’s language is no small feat. These consumers are growing up alongside rapid advancements in technology — and your communications must be up-to-date with the digital world they’re accustomed to.

But a digital-first approach won’t be enough. Are you committed to social causes? Are you pushing products — or inviting consumers to take part in the conversation? We dig into these and other best practices your brand should follow.

Create a Two-Way Conversation

The Alphas are not just consumers. They’re creators.

Responsive technology makes up a core part of this generation’s web experience, and they’ll continue to demand it. Just take a look at Roblox, Minecraft and TikTok. They’re a fan-favourite among kids because they encourage creativity and participation.

It’s important, then, that your brand doesn’t push products onto Generation Alpha. Rather, you should encourage them to interact with, and help create, your content.

One way to do this is by leveraging user-generated content. Take inspiration from CCP Games, who sent out the following customisable highlights reel to fans of EVE Online.

By hand-picking their favourite achievements, stats and other data points, viewers could easily create a video recapping their best moments and show it off to friends and followers on social media.

Highlights reels are already popular among younger demographics. It combines two of Generation Alpha’s favourite pastimes: gaming and videos. Research shows that video games are this generation’s favourite activity (85%), with online videos coming in at a close second (82%).

Truly Commit to Social Causes

Despite the challenges ahead, the alphas are more empowered than any other generation — and they’re eager to put today’s technology to good use.

This generation wants to see brands that are just committed to social issues as they are. But make no mistake, your actions need to back your words. A false promise goes against Generation Alpha’s desire to see real change, and can cost you their trust.


Learn how to market to Gen Z with personalisation

With this in mind, you should show the difference your brand is making. If diversity and inclusion is important to your brand, show the faces behind your diversity hiring team. Communicate your fight against climate change with sustainably made products. Wherever you focus your efforts, make sure your intentions are genuine.

Offer Personalised Experiences

From Instagram profiles to game characters to avatars, this generation is used to creating their own online personas. Their web experience is hyper-personalised, and they seek out brands that offer nothing less. Amazon, for instance, is already winning over Gen Alpha with carefully curated recommendations — 72% of this generation say they like Amazon and 70% know about Amazon Prime.

To take your personalisation to the next level, do more than greet consumers by first name. While this certainly has an impact, wowing Gen Alpha will require more.

Take inspiration from the fintech industry, which is winning over younger generations already with a hyper-personalised experience. For instance, Chime, a mobile banking app, detects and notifies members of fee-free ATMs nearby.

It’s insightful. It’s contextual. It’s hyper-personalised. Your brand can do the same by tailoring your digital experiences to where your customers are in their journey, what issues they’re facing and more.

Engage Gen Alpha With Digital Communications

While Gen Z is a hot topic among brands, Generation Alpha is poised to take over sooner than later. Wowing this generation will require digital communications that are authentic, immersive and hyper-personalised.

Brands are already giving younger generations the interactive experiences they’ve come to expect in the format they want: video. Whether it’s an interactive calculator or a custom highlights reel, the possibilities for Interactive Videos are virtually endless.

Ready to create your own video magic? Let’s talk.

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