What’s included

Our platform license includes all you need to set up, launch, track and optimise personalised and interactive video campaigns. Gain access to the same capabilities that power our clients’ biggest campaigns.

Included With Your Platform License​​

Our license includes full access to our Next Generation Video Platform plus professional services such as training, tech support and consultation. Book a demo to get started.

  • Native Personalised Video (cinematic quality at scale)
  • Industry-leading video rendering in up to 100x real time
  • Unlimited personalisation: text, images, audio, video-in-video, scene selection, unlimited variables
  • Interactive video capabilities
  • Live data feeds
  • In-player customisation
  • Authoring tools in Design Hub, including our Adobe After Effects plugin
  • Integration hub for connecting with Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Experience Suite, our drag-and-drop web interface
  • Full developer API access: storyboard, scene, metadata and personalised thumbnail APIs
  • Personalised GIF capabilities
  • Personalised Infographic capabilities
  • API data transfer
  • In-platform data transfer (via CSV file or manual entry)
  • User-generated data input
  • In-web or in-app data transfer
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certified
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Landing page builder
  • 3rd-party landing page support
  • CTA builder
  • Idomoo video player
  • Video hosting
  • Social sharing integrations for Facebook and Twitter
  • Adobe After Effects plugin
  • Experience Suite
  • Audio guidelines
  • Quality assurance training
  • Access to the Idomoo Academy for training and best practices
  • Basic technical support
  • Technical consultations: data, IT, landing page, data transfer, etc.
  • Limited customer success manager support
  • Idomoo Personalised Video best practices consultation
  • Idomoo distribution best practices consultation
  • Access to Template Scene Libraries
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Automated reporting

Other Services

Additional costs may apply.

End-to-end video
production services




data transfer


Post-launch analysis
and optimisation

Stress testing and optimisation
for large-scale campaigns