Customer Onboarding Solution

A Personalised Customer
Onboarding Experience

Why Stellar Customer Onboarding Matters

How Idomoo Improves Customer Onboarding

Welcome Customers Personally

Start the relationship off right. Videos greet customers by name for an immediate “wow” effect, adding a human touch to the onboarding process.

Explain Benefits To Boost Retention

Churn can happen early in the customer journey. Get ahead of it by showing new customers the value you bring to them as individuals.

Promote Self-Serve From the Start

Have an online customer portal? Interactive Videos with a link to sign up are a great way to encourage digital adoption early on.

Offload Excess Support Calls

New customers have a lot of the same questions. Answer them proactively in a medium they won’t ignore: their very own Personalised Video.

Onboarding Results

Personalised Video works throughout the customer journey, but it’s especially great at kicking things off.
Take a look at a few of our clients’ results from onboarding campaigns.
1 x
NPS points
+ 1
fewer support calls
1 %
increase in digital
1 x
video completion
1 %

What Customers Are Saying

Anyone can do ordinary, but by partnering with Idomoo, we’ve created truly extraordinary customer communications. With its seamless UX, this onboarding video is one of our best campaigns ever, innovative and effective, hitting KPIs across the board.
Simply put, Idomoo made a real impact on the way we communicate and engage with our customers in a proactive manner. Personalised Video brings us closer to our customers, raises their satisfaction with our services, and lowers our service overhead.
I can honestly say that our Personalised Video campaign was the most impressive project I've worked on — bar none. It is considered to be an exceptional example of client comms and is absolutely loved by our customers and executives alike.

Personalised Onboarding Videos

JPMorgan Chase
Business Account Onboarding
Increase Contributions
Wren Kitchens

Want To Learn More?

We help the world’s top brands welcome customers in a way that’s warm and personal. Get in touch to learn how it all works.

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