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Improve Customer Loyalty
With Personalised Video

Why Customer Loyalty Matters

How Idomoo Improves Customer Loyalty

Celebrate Together

Never forget a customer milestone again. Surprise them with a personalised birthday GIF or anniversary video to show you care. It’s automated and effective.

Empower UGC

Your loyal customers are your best advocates. Make it easy for them to brag on your behalf with an Interactive Video they can edit right from the player.

Be Proactive

Loyal customers deserve 1:1 attention. Answer common questions personally and proactively in a data-driven video to reduce churn and boost satisfaction.

Communicate Value

Remind customers why they chose you. Recap loyalty rewards, wins and other highlights in a personalised showreel they’ll love and love to share.

Customer Loyalty Results

Take a look at some of our clients’ results from loyalty campaigns.
user reactivation
1 x
uplift in sales
1 x
1 x
90-day churn reduction
1 %
NPS points
+ 1

Free Guide

How To Make Your Loyalty Program Personal

Whether you have a full-fledged rewards program or just want to improve customer loyalty to boost your bottom line, you need a personal approach. This guide includes practical strategies (with examples) for organisations of all sizes.

What Customers Are Saying

This campaign definitely accomplished its goal of fostering a sense of community for our players, as evidenced by the tremendous sharing of videos and comments across social media.
The Season in Numbers campaign with Idomoo experienced exponential success, achieving over double our average open rate and nearly 10 times our average CTOR.
With Idomoo, we were able to send a highly engaging Personalised Video campaign looking back at our members’ accomplishments. The Idomoo team is great to work with, always bringing fresh ideas and being flexible when needed.
Our campaigns with Idomoo exceed our expectations in terms of engaging customers. Adding personalised data to the video was simple, making it easy to reach every customer personally with something that would really grab their attention.
We talk a lot about how to enhance and customise the experience for our donors to keep them engaged and committed to the cause, but struggled to find a solution that would work on a mass scale, until we discovered Idomoo’s Personalised Video solution. It was an absolute pleasure working with the Idomoo team on this highly rewarding campaign.
We're always exploring new ways to engage our audience and give back to the Call of Duty community. The Warzone Legacy campaign developed with Idomoo memorialised millions of players' moments in Warzone and was the perfect set-up for the launch of the all-new Warzone 2.0.

Customer Loyalty Videos

American Airlines
Airline Credit Card
Southampton Football Club
Year in Review
SickKids Foundation
Call of Duty (Activision)
Player Engagement
Plan International Canada
East Tennessee State University
WW (Weight Watchers)
Year in Review
Year in Review
Orangetheory Fitness
Year in Review
Year in Review
Sam’s Club
Player Celebration
TJ Maxx
Rewards Program
Canadian Red Cross
Financial Times
Kensington Tours

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How To Calculate Retention Rate: A Beginner’s Guide

If you want to evaluate how effective your customer service program is, simply take a look at your customer retention rate. To put it simply, the definition of retention is keeping your customers. More broadly, it includes the actions brands take to reduce customer churn. The retention rate meaning, therefore, is a measure of the effectiveness of those actions. Calculating your retention rate is the quickest, simplest and most accurate way to track how healthy your current customer base is, and it’s a good way to predict future growth.

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