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Branded videos through the magic of AI

As demand for video continues its explosive growth, brands are being left behind. Over 80% of consumers say they want more videos from brands. But videos can be time-consuming (and expensive) to make. Until now.

An AI Video Creator Trained on Your Brand

AI video dramatically speeds the video creation process. Built for enterprises, our AI handles everything from the script to voiceover to animation, footage and interactive CTA. Want to make edits? It couldn’t be easier.

Even better, our Enterprise AI Video creator is trained on your content, giving everyone in your company the ability to create relevant videos quickly and securely. We use retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) rather than external data sources so you can be confident your video is accurate and on message.



Create a video sales pitch for my meeting with Nex Co.

Ad Manager

Ad Manager

Make an ad for our cashback credit card

Support Rep

Support Rep

Turn this FAQ doc into a video

Enterprise AI Video Does More

Document to Video

Turn any document into an engaging video with a single click. FAQs, sales decks, PDF instructions — it's all easier to understand as a video. And it boosts accessibility.

AI Video Ads

Upgrade your campaigns with Enterprise AI Video. Generate all your video ads on brand and on the fly, for a fraction of the cost, with our purpose-built AI video creator.

Webpage to Video

Summarise any webpage in a shareable video. Make promo videos from a product URL, a company video from your homepage… the options are limitless!

Knowledge Base to Video

Connect our AI to your knowledge base or any collection of documents and presentations for accurate, on-brand video creation every time.

Personalised AI Videos

Idomoo is the only AI video tool that lets you personalise at scale. Thanks to AI, you can easily send millions of Personalised Videos, one for each customer.

AI Video Examples

Webpage to Video
Internal Comms
Case Study
Personal Greeting

Benefits of AI Video

Slash Costs

AI disrupts the video production process, taking care of everything from scripting to post production. And that means big savings.

Save Time

Video production has never been more agile. Go from idea to video in seconds instead of months, freeing up resources.

Harness AI Creativity

AI is constantly pushing the limits of creativity. Don’t be left behind. With AI video generation, the possibilities are endless.

Stay Secure

Idomoo is ISO 27001 information security certified, SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and battle-tested by global leaders in finance and healthcare.

Edit With Ease

Want more control? No problem! You can easily edit anything in your AI video: visuals, voiceover, branding, CTA buttons and more.

Render in Real Time

Videos are generated by our award-winning Next Generation Video Platform, able to render in up to 100x real time.

Empower Your Org

Now anyone can make a video. Supercharge your sales, support, HR and marketing teams with the power of AI video.

Gen Z Is 29% More Likely To Want AI Video

AI Video FAQs

What is AI video?

AI video means the video was generated with part or all of the content created or assembled by artificial intelligence. They’re much faster to create than human-generated videos because they don’t require a team of animators or studio support, but they’re flexible enough that you can still make edits manually if you want to.

How do you make an AI video?

All you need to generate an AI video with Idomoo is the idea of what you want. You can share a webpage, a document or even your knowledge base, and our AI creates a video based on the content you provide. It generates ready-to-share videos complete with voiceover, footage and more. You just provide the concept to get started.

How do I keep the AI from saying something not true?

Your typical large language model (LLM) scrapes information from the internet. It uses generative AI to then create relevant content quickly and effortlessly, but what it generates isn’t always accurate.

With Enterprise AI Video, that’s never a problem. You can choose the dataset that videos are created from. This method of content generation, called retrieval augmented generation (RAG), is at the heart of our knowledge base to video offering. Train our AI on material you already have about your brand, whether it’s a folder with presentations and brochures or your website, and that becomes the foundation for future video content.

What kinds of AI-generated video can I make with Idomoo?

You can easily turn any piece of written content into a video. Start with a simple text prompt to generate a video based on your idea in seconds, or provide a document, such as a PDF, PowerPoint, web page, etc., and our tool can immediately convert it to video form.

To scale up your video content creation, train our Enterprise AI Video creator on your knowledge base, and it can create videos that are accurate and on brand every time.

The kind of AI videos you can create run the gamut: explainers, ads, promotional videos, branding showreels, case studies, personalized sales outreach videos, customer support videos and much more.

Does text to video AI mean I have to write out every detail?

Absolutely not! You talk like you would via chat to a friend. Even just a few words for a high-level overview of what you need is enough. Our AI video creator can take your idea and suggest a video outline that fits. Once you approve, the script, voiceover, visuals and the rest are all handled by AI, but you have full control if you want to make changes. Our built-in editor makes it easy, no video experience required.

Is Idomoo’s AI video tool an AI video editor?

We don’t consider our Enterprise AI Video tool an AI video editor, even though video editing is very much a built-in functionality. Most AI video editors require you to provide a video that you can then upgrade or change with their tool.

That’s not what we do. Our AI video creator makes complete, usable videos from your content — whether that’s a few words, a document or a collection of documents. If you want to make changes to the video after it’s generated, you can easily do that with our intuitive built-in editor.

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