True Personalisation in Customer Acquisition: Is It Possible?

True Personalisation in Customer Acquisition: Is It Possible?

First impressions are critical. But because you likely know little of whoever it is you’re soon to meet, it can also be tricky.

Advertisers face the same issue. Because their advertisements are often the viewer’s first impression of the brand, they don’t have access to data needed for personalisation.

Given this, advertisers can’t truly personalise their ads. Instead, they resort to creating ads that can reach a broad audience. What they lack in speaking to the viewer’s personal needs and wants, they try to make up with catchy slogans and bright graphics. But with content fatigue on the rise, it’s becoming less effective.

Is there a way for advertisers and marketers to rise above generic customer acquisition efforts and even beat content fatigue? With both innovative tech and a wealth of social media data available, we think so.

We’re covering the best ways to capture a viewer’s attention depending on what data is available to leverage. And we’ll answer the big question: Is true personalisation in customer acquisition possible?

Leveraging Demographic and Psychographic Data

Your customers lead different lives. Are they starting college? Are they buying their first home? When it comes to creating an ad that speaks to these unique moments, advertising — the chief tool of customer acquisition — gets a little tricky.

Because advertisers are speaking to customers they haven’t yet interacted with, ads can’t give the viewer a fully personalised experience. For instance, an ad can’t greet the viewer with their name, as they’ve yet to “meet” them.

To answer our original question — no, true personalisation in this scenario isn’t possible. But hyper-targeted audience segmentation is, and it’s just as effective.

One way to do so? With Dynamic Video Ads. Demographics, behavior and more are pulled from Facebook’s extensive database. And, to maximise engagement, it’s integrated into a video. According to research, 9 out of 10 consumers want to see more videos from brands.

Some of the data advertisers can use with our video platform include:

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • User behavior
  • Location

Once data is collected, hundreds of thousands of ads can be generated at once — each one tailored to the viewer based on who they are. And it’s easy, too. Campaigns are easily created and launched from our Facebook integration, making workflows seamless.

Cut Through the Noise

Because they show the customer what they’re interested in, these data-driven video ads are more relevant and engaging than traditional video ads. Take a look at two examples of Trivago’s ad below.

Depending on the viewer’s age or whether they’re single vs. a parent, they’ll see a different getaway.

Notice that none of the customer’s personal information is shown. But even without true personalisation, the video still targets the individual based on the wealth of data available on Facebook. And of course, this dynamic video advertising works on Instagram too since Facebook owns Instagram.

Personalisation for New Leads

What if you’re a marketer that happens to have more first-party data on hand? This is where true personalisation in customer acquisition is possible.

Prospective customers pose a challenge, though. Because they’ve yet to start a relationship with your brand, it’s unlikely you have a lot of data available. But you can take advantage of the data you do have.

In the example below, Petplan was able to leverage the data available from customers signing up for a free trial.

Even the name alone, mentioned right at the beginning of the video, makes for a great first impression. Customers immediately know the information they’ll be receiving is just for them, piquing their interest to keep watching and learn more.

And there’s a variety of other use cases where you can leverage data from the leads you have, too. Try sending out a Personalised Video after your viewer has:

  • Requested a quote
  • Registered for a newsletter
  • Signed up for a demo
  • Participated in a giveaway

We’ve seen firsthand how data-driven videos drive business results. One customer acquisition campaign leveraging dynamic videos with new leads saw a 40% increase in sales.

Let Your Viewer Help With Personalisation

We talk a lot about marketers and advertisers creating targeted, dynamic videos. Why leave the viewer out of the process? Rather than just watching the video, viewers can be part of the end result with user customisation.

Living Video does just that. With in-player customisation, viewers can input their own data right into the video. Here’s how it looks in an interactive mortgage calculator.

The resulting Personalised Video is not only valuable because it’s relevant. Allowing viewers to input their data themselves also eases concerns over data privacy since they’re sharing their information on their own terms. What’s more, consumers are also more willing to share their data in return for some kind of valuable outcome. For example, learning in real-time what their mortgage amounts to.

It’s a win-win for both consumer and brand. The consumer is given a relevant and engaging video, and the brand is able to engage the customer with little to no data — and collect that data for future campaigns.

Bonus: Living Videos can also feature live data, meaning data changes in real time based on the context. For example, if your video is promoting a product, you won’t have to go back and edit your video if the price changes. Live data will do so in real time.

Customer Acquisition Made Easy

Regardless of your campaign — and the data available — the more targeted you can be, the better. Whether you’re leveraging video ads or Personalised Videos for leads, your customer acquisition efforts are sure to stand out from generic content.

Ready to start speaking to your viewers’ specific needs and interests? Our platform features robust APIs, several integrations and a drag-and-drop interface for seamless, engaging and easy video campaigns. You can try it out for yourself by speaking to one of our team members today.

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