Living Video revolutionise video as we know it. It’s no longer static but evolving, updating in real time based on context and user input — meaning one video can have infinite variations.

That’s the magic of our Next Generation Video Platform.

Take a look below to explore the possibilities.

What’s Different About Living Video?

In-Player Customisation

Turn viewers into creators

With customisable user input right from the player, viewers can change anything you allow, from updating a product colour to redesigning a scene. They can even input their own data, helping you gain valuable insights about your customers.

Live Data

Video is finally evergreen

Your Living Video knows who’s watching — their device type, location and more — and updates accordingly. Easily connect to first- and third-party data feeds, from product inventory to the weather, and the list of options is growing.


Take engagement to the next level

Bring your videos to life with interactivity, including clickable elements, chapter markers and more. User-triggered actions enable online purchases straight from the video for a seamless customer experience that drives conversions.