Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all approach to advertising. With our Dynamic Video Ads, you can create hyper-targeted videos to reach every viewer in your audience. Generate thousands of videos instantly with our intuitive, purpose-built platform.

And with our Facebook integration, you can seamlessly upload them to your campaign to run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

How It Works

Target Consumers With Data



User Behavior



Launch Quickly

Set up your campaign in minutes instead of days.

Repurpose existing creative, make something new, or try our scene libraries. Our dynamic video advertising platform includes automation tools built for data-driven video, so your content adapts dynamically to changes in scene length and more.

Videos are also easy to update, so you can refresh your campaign even while ads are running, avoiding content fatigue.

avoid content fatigue
Reach Every Customer

Reach Every Customer

Scale up your advertising to every segment of your audience.

Let our platform put your data to work, creating thousands of variations of your video ad to reach every consumer microsegment. This automation is not only effective but also efficient, saving you time and money.

You can even connect our platform to your catalog, generating a separate ad for every product for virtually limitless optionality.

Drive Conversions

Use data to improve ad performance.

Our dynamic video advertising platform gives you a convenient way to optimize your campaign. You can quickly generate multiple versions of your custom video ads for the same target segment, and run A/B or multivariate tests to see which converts more.

Then simply update your campaign so your audience sees more of the content they love. Take a look at the results below to see how effective this can be.

Facebook dynamic ad

Our Results

  • 7x


  • 5x

    CTR lift

  • 4x

    brand recall

  • 3x

    uplift in video completion rate

Client Campaigns

Red Bull
Tesco Mobile
Stella Artois

Beyond Custom Video Ads

As you can see, dynamic video advertising is an effective tool. Next up? Leverage the power of personalization.

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Dynamic Video Ads are designed to help you maximize customer acquisition. With data from Facebook, you can deliver a more targeted ad to potential customers.

But what about prospective customers and leads already in your sales funnel who haven’t yet converted? You have some data about them — they’re not just strangers on social media — but they still need nurturing. Maybe you need to know a little more about them to tailor your offers even better.

This is where Personalized Video shines.

With our self-serve Next Generation Video Platform, dynamic video creation at scale has never been easier. Even if your campaign is for millions of customers, Personalized Video is always 1:1, unique for every individual. The viewer doesn’t just watch a video; they watch their video.

You can personalize your video based on the prospect’s name, location, interests, where they’re at in the buyer’s journey and so much more.

Here are some of the ways brands can use Personalized Video to boost sales.

1. Gain new customers with interactive videos.

Don’t have data for prospective customers? No problem. Viewers can update their video by inputting what they want — whether it’s a quote for a loan or the color of a new product — and get a video instantly generated with their custom offer.

Oh, and they can click to purchase straight from the video for a truly seamless customer experience.

2. Increase cross-selling and upselling.

You know what your current customers love about you, but are you giving them everything they need? Leverage CRM data to create dynamic Personalized Videos for every single customer.

With targeted recommendations, personalized, dynamic video content marketing drives real business results, including engagement and conversions. Plus, it adds a human touch to the sales process, boosting customer loyalty for the long term.

3. Create Personalized Videos that are evergreen.

Thanks to Living Video functionality, your dynamic video can auto-update in real time, connecting with live data feeds, such as inventory, and adapting for context, such as viewer location or weather.

You can even have a video display different scenes or products based on what’s in stock or when a customer is watching, say, summer versus winter. Share your dynamic video online, in a mobile app, via SMS, email and more. It will never be out of date.

Looking for more resources for sales, advertising and marketing? Visit our Download Center to access white papers, webinars, ebooks and more. Or check out our free case study about O2’s dynamic video advertising campaign that reduced churn and doubled conversion rates.

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