Woolworths’ Personalised Video Campaign: 90% Completion Rate, Increased Interaction with Employee Share Program

Woolworths’ Personalised Video Campaign: 90% Completion Rate, Increased Interaction with Employee Share Program

Woolworths, a major Australian retail company with more than 1000 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, launched a Personalised Video campaign using Idomoo’s PVaaSTM platform. 

The goal of the campaign was to engage employees with information on their employee share plan program, known internally as the Recognition Share Plan (RSP). Woolworths wanted to raise awareness and generate excitement around this employee benefit, and also wanted to make it easy for employees to understand how the RSP worked. 

Watch the video here…

As for the results? Woolworths employees were wowed! 59% of viewers reported that the video was very helpful in understanding the RSP program and 63% specifically said they found the unique Personalised Video format to be very effective. 

The engagement metrics mirrored this high level of employee satisfaction, with 90% of viewers watching their video to completion and 40% of viewers clicking the Call to Action. 

Says Woolworths of the campaign, “Our Personalised Videos about our Recognition Share Plan is the ‘talk of the town’ amongst remuneration professionals! Woolworths won the most Effective and Innovative Communication approach and the People’s Choice Award at the Employee Ownership Australia Awards. The innovative solution personalised the video right down to an individual’s name and business and value of the award – particularly impressive considering our diverse employee base. Using Personalised Videos for communication of an employee share plan was a first in Australia and we’re delighted that Woolworths pioneered this technology.” 

To learn more about how you can put Idomoo’s PVaaSTM platform to work for you, click below.

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