See How Orangetheory Fitness, Publicis Sapient and Idomoo Delivered a 1-2 Punch to Wow Customers

See How Orangetheory Fitness, Publicis Sapient and Idomoo Delivered a 1-2 Punch to Wow Customers

Fact: 1 out of 3 people cancel their gym memberships every year. New trends and competition are constantly emerging, challenging brands like Orangetheory Fitness to keep current members motivated to book more classes.

Fortunately, Orangetheory Fitness has a powerful edge over other brands in the industry – data. Through the OTbeat wearable, they are constantly collecting personal fitness information from each member. So, how could Orangetheory Fitness use this massive archive of data to increase attendance and inspire people to reach new goals in 2019? That was the challenge Orangetheory Fitness posed to their agency, PublicisSapient. And after a few brainstorming sessions and some out of the box thinking, PublicisSapient came back with the answer: Personalised music videos, where the creative would be driven by each member’s unique heartbeat, creating a video and soundtrack that are fully personalised to each member’s heartrate. Talk about taking personalisation to the next level!

A Challenging Idea

But how does one go about creating so many unique videos and soundtracks? Creating one engaging video is hard enough, but creating hundreds of thousands? That seemed like a gargantuan task.

Orangetheory Fitness gathered and categorized 2.2 million data points from both the Orangetheory Fitness studio reservation system and each member’s OTbeat wearable.  That’s a lot of data, and turning it into personalised creative would be a challenge.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Orangethory Fitness and PublicisSapient decided to turn to renowned music producer Gazzo, who worked with them to create the unique, personalised soundtracks. Personalised music? Check. But that still left the daunting task of developing personalised visuals to enrich the soundtracks and to render the high number of resulting Personalised Videos. To achieve this, they turned to Idomoo’s Personalised Video as a Service platform (PVaaS™).

theory 3

First, Gazzo created unique tracks that matched each member’s BPM. Lower BPMs worked best to write hip hop tracks while higher BPMs represented drum and bass. Ultimately, members tracks covered everything from hip hop to trance to techno to drum and bass to trap.

Then, these tracks were brought to life with personalised creative and visualisations created by PublicisSapient on Idomoo’s platform. The creative leveraged data unique to each member, such as the number of workouts, calories burned and challenges completed to fully engage the members and give members a creative interpretation of their fitness achievements.

theory 4

Ambition Pays Off

Creating hundreds of thousands of unique and impactful videos for their members paid off in a big way. During launch week alone, over 45,000 additional classes were booked and a record high 97% attendance rate was achieved. In addition, Orangetheory Fitness achieved it’s lowest attrition rate in 5 years, it’s highest email open rate of any member communications sent out, and an amazing 100% positive social mentions. 65% of members viewed their Personalised Music Videos to completion, showcasing how engaged and interested they were.

As a brand at the intersection of fitness and technology, Orangetheory Fitness delivered members data in a way they’d yet to experience it before. These hyper-personalised videos celebrated members’ work in 2018 and gave them something exciting to use as a benchmark for their fitness goals in the year ahead.

The creative, shareable twist on data invoked excitement and pride among the Orangetheory Fitness community. Everyone wanted to see, hear and compare the differences in their 2018 workouts.

[“I love when a company takes data and goes the extra mile. Pun intended. Thanks to @orangetheory for this fun surprise.” – OTF member]

theory 5

And Members weren’t the only ones to notice. Recently, the campaign won 3rd Prize at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards for Best Creative Marketing Strategy / Effectiveness; Creative Use of Data. Want to learn more? Contact us below. Who knows, maybe you’ll be picking awards for your data-driven video campaigns soon enough…

If you have questions regarding implementing Personalised Video for your customer communications, we’re here to chat – contact us today!

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