How Huuuge Games Boosted Conversions 4x With Personalised Video

Huuuge Games surprised fans with their first ever Personalised Video, and it was a huge success, if you’ll pardon the irresistible play on words. The videos invited players to look back on their top wins, their luckiest day and more over the past year. It was even interactive, with calls-to-action to keep spinning and share the video.

We’ve seen a growing adoption of year-in-review videos among the gaming community. They’re a natural fit for an industry that values immersive entertainment, show-stopping visuals and data-backed wins.

For Huuuge, a global game developer and publisher on a mission to empower billions of people to play together, the videos were a perfect way to build their community. Friends made while playing was even one of the data-driven highlights included in the personalised recap.

Take a look below to see an example.

Idomoo’s in-house studio designed the video scenes. Then our platform seamlessly blended the data — over 20 personalised data points — with the creative to create each unique Spin-Back. Videos were promoted via a personalised push notification, an in-game banner and an email with a personalised GIF as the thumbnail to make it even more clickable.

Campaign Results

The 2022 Spin-Back campaign drove both engagement and ROI while creating a one-of-a-kind experience for each viewer. Here are just a few of the results:

  • 7x higher engagement with the video via email
  • Nearly 4x higher conversions
  • Increase in daily active users after the campaign launch
  • Massive reach with views on six continents

“We wanted something that would truly wow players, and the personalised videos did exactly that,” said Natasha Sheridan-Golan, Director of CRM and Monetisation at Huuuge Games. “We’ve heard so much positive feedback from fans, and the campaign helped us reach our goal of exciting and reengaging players with the games they love.”

This is just the most recent campaign among many personalised gaming videos that players are loving. Check out videos by Activision, Plarium, Ubisoft and more to see how each video tells a different story. With Interactive Video, players can even create their own wrap-ups via an easy-to-use menu right in the player — they can pick their highlights and generate the video in real time. Results include 10x higher engagement, 5x more social shares and 2x referrals.

“When it comes to reengaging players, it’s not just about catching their attention. It’s about captivating their imagination,” says Dotan Ginsbourg, GM Gaming. “And that’s what Huuuge Games did here. A personalised highlight reel like this celebrates wins in a way that’s memorable and irresistibly shareable, increasing brand loyalty and reach at the same time.”

To learn more about personalised recaps or how to increase engagement and conversions with your customers, schedule a 15-minute intro call. We’ll show you how personalisation and interactivity unlock the full potential of video marketing.

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