9 Examples of Customer Engagement That Go Beyond the Norm

In a world filled with brands vying for attention, some exceptional players have gone above and beyond to keep their customers hooked. Curious what that looks like?

From retail to finance to nonprofits, we’ve scoured industries (and the internet) to bring you 9 exceptional examples of customer engagement campaigns that truly stand out.

Kicking things off is Plarium, a gaming company setting the bar high with its creative use of player data and visual storytelling. So if you’re ready for a heavy dose of inspiration to ramp up your customer engagement game, keep on reading.

1. Plarium Levels Up in Player Engagement

Imagine the thrill of receiving a personalised highlights reel of your best plays. In honor of the third anniversary of Raid: Shadow Legends, Plarium went above and beyond by gifting every player their own action-packed recap video.

This year in review isn’t your average congratulatory clip. Each one was a personalised saga, weaving together the player’s journey with stunning visuals and epic narration. Using over 150 data points, these videos showcased everything from players’ win rates to how their achievements stacked up against other gamers.

The effect? Daily active users increased, and Twitter share rates doubled. Not to mention, there was a massive 100% jump in referrals — the result of Plarium cleverly including referral links with each video.

Sergey Bragilevsky, Director of Growth at Plarium, summed it up best: “This year’s campaign exceeded our expectations in terms of player engagement, referrals and creating a massive buzz on social media.”

Plarium’s success wasn’t just some one-time fluke, though. The gaming world has regularly reaped the rewards of Personalised Video in recent years, and it’s led to some pretty impressive results, such as:

  • 17x player reactivation
  • 88% conversion rate
  • 10x higher engagement
  • 56% uplift in app store visits
  • 68% increase in sales

So, if you’re a gaming brand itching for a power-up in engagement, consider Personalised Video your ultimate cheat code.

2. Netflix Joins the Watch Party

Our second example of effective customer engagement stars the mega-streaming platform, Netflix.

Here’s the scoop: Netflix caught wind of a One Piece superfan attempting the ultimate marathon — watching Netflix’s One Piece trailer for “10 hours straight or until something cool happens.” Smartly, the brand didn’t just spectate from the sidelines. It slid into the live chat, making conversation with the fan and turning the stream into an unforgettable experience.

But that wasn’t all. Netflix then posted the whole exchange on Twitter, creating more opportunities to engage with fans on the social media platform. As users commented on the cool interaction, Netflix responded in kind, fueling more engagement with each reply.

What’s great is that this interaction is far from a one-time thing with Netflix. The brand regularly responds to customer feedback, retweets positive comments and asks fans questions, all to keep the chatter alive and Netflix trending. Going beyond just shows and movies, the brand seeks to make connections — and that makes all the difference.

3. Southampton Football Club Gets Into the Numbers

Southampton Football Club knows that true fans deserve more than just a nod of recognition. So they kicked things up a notch with Season in Numbers, an annual customer engagement campaign that celebrates each fan’s big moments throughout the season.

Imagine your customer journey told in a captivating video. With 20 data points, 7 audience segments and 15 distinct narrative paths, each video mirrored the diversity of fans’ experiences. They featured each fan’s names, stats from games they attended and even clips from major plays.

The campaign was a total hit, leading to an impressive 16x uplift in engagement. The videos were also rewatched by over 20% of viewers, totaling more than 458 hours of view time. Even more, fans couldn’t resist sharing their season-in-review videos across social media. Talk about scoring goals on and off the field.

Why was it so effective? Well, let’s just say, everyone loves a moment in the spotlight. When your favorite club takes the time to make you feel valued, you’re bound to be all in. It shows that they care about more than just the game — they care about you, the die-hard supporter.

Southampton Football Club’s Season in Numbers campaign isn’t just about the team’s wins. It’s about the moments that make fans feel alive. So whether you’re a dedicated football aficionado or just someone looking for inspiration in customer engagement, take a page from the Saints’ playbook: turn data into dynamic stories and watch your engagement soar.

4. Nike’s Air Jordan Meets Messenger Bot

Nike Air Jordan took its customer engagement to another level when it worked Facebook’s Messenger chatbot into its strategy.

Teaming up with conversational AI platform Snaps, the brand developed a Messenger bot that delivered weekly content about Air Jordan sneakers straight to fans’ fingertips.

The magic didn’t stop there. This bot wasn’t just a megaphone spouting promotional content. It was a tool for two-way communication, a must for interactive content marketing. Users were able to chat with the bot in real time, customise when they get notifications and even have it drop helpful resources, such as a direct link to the latest Jordan Collection, in response to key phrases.


How Delta soared to 5x engagement

The bot brought fans closer to the iconic Jumpman than ever before and was a success, with Nike boasting open rates of 87% with the chatbot, far surpassing the 15%-20% the brand typically saw when it relied on email marketing campaigns.

Promoted through Instagram, Facebook, and the Jordan website, this chatbot campaign proved that combining the latest interactive tech with value-packed content can help transform the customer experience and turn the engagement game on its head.

5. The Financial Times Adds a Touch of Interactivity

Ever wondered what a year of your life looks like in headlines and highlights?

To strengthen its relationship with its readers by driving engagement and subscriptions, the Financial Times stepped up its customer engagement marketing with a campaign that took subscribers on a journey through their own reading history.

They began the annual campaign using email, launching the same year as the viral marketing campaign Spotify Wrapped (more on this below). Later, they expanded to dynamic video, showing subscribers their reading milestones alongside engaging visuals. The media giant also shows readers how their numbers compared to other readers.

Interactive elements then gave this campaign an extra edge, with viewers invited to engage with in-video call-to-actions, such as checking out more stories by the journalist they read the most.

Overall, the combined effects of personalisation and interactivity resulted in an 83% video completion rate and a 25% boost in CTA engagement. Better yet, subscribers shared their personalised journeys on social media using the hashtag #MyYearWithTheFT. The campaign struck a chord, sparking positive sentiment and conversation across platforms.

By offering tailored insights and surprising subscribers with their own reading accomplishments, the campaign strengthened the brand-reader relationship and encouraged customer retention. As we’ve seen, genuine engagement goes beyond numbers. It fosters connections and customer loyalty, helping to prevent churn by building a base of engaged customers.

6. Spotify “Wraps” Up the Year

Spotify’s famous Wrapped campaign isn’t just your average marketing stint — it’s a recurring phenomenon that strengthens brand loyalty.

This yearly affair takes all those hours users spent jamming out to tunes and whips up a personalised summary of their unique musical journey. The results are then wrapped up in colorful graphics and stats that tell them everything from their most-played song to their newfound favorite genre, with Spotify adding a new, fresh angle to the data each year.


Переглянути цей допис в Instagram


Допис, поширений Spotify (@spotify)

Why is it so effective?

Well, for starters, it’s not just a one-hit wonder. It’s a familiar event that listeners eagerly await each year, a user experience that’s become a staple for the brand. The campaign works to nurture its current customers, making listeners feel connected not just to Spotify but to its massive community of loyal customers.

The ripple effect that the campaign has online is also incredible. While the main stage is set within the Spotify app, the show spills over onto social media, where users flaunt their musical tastes with pride. As listeners proudly display their Spotify Wrapped results online, brand awareness grows, potential customers get curious and, voilà, new customers come knocking.

While countless campaigns often come and go, Spotify’s Wrapped stands strong. By making it an annual tradition, the music app keeps existing customers engaged and loyal for the long run.

7. Pension Providers Shake Up Savings

Over 90% of viewers found their personalised pension statement video from Standard Life helpful.

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Pensions can be complicated. And when people can’t wrap their heads around something, they usually steer clear.

Let’s face it, the pension industry’s engagement stats aren’t pretty. According to several studies, only 20% of savers feel sure about retirement, with unclaimed pension funds reaching an unsettling £19.4 billion.

To combat this issue, Standard Life launched a campaign to put the power back into customers’ hands. Using customer data and eye-catching visuals, the company created personalised pension statement videos that made understanding pensions a breeze. What’s more, the videos were easily accessible via online dashboards and mobile apps.


Here’s how pension providers get members to save more

This effort wasn’t just about creating flashy videos. It was about turning a lack of clarity into clear action, about upgrading communications to be genuinely helpful and considerate of customer needs. Ultimately, the videos worked wonders:

  • Customers who watched their Personalised Video were 4x more likely to change their contributions.
  • Over 90% found them incredibly helpful in understanding their pensions.
  • The average contribution change for viewers was almost 5x higher than for non-viewers.

And Standard Life isn’t the only pension provider who’s cracked the code to successful customer engagement (in an industry where it’s tough to do it). We’ve created personalised pension videos for Mercer, Lloyds Bank, Aegon and many more.

Here’s a video from Lloyds to show how a video helps visualise a saver’s plan and potential outcomes depending on the decisions they make today.

Videos like these get great engagement because they’re relevant and easy (even fun) to watch. And that engagement leads to impressive results like an 18x uplift in conversions and 78% higher savings contributions.

For more on this interesting topic, read about the psychology of retirement savings.

8. Salesforce Goes Live on LinkedIn

Looking to maximise organic viewership and engagement, Salesforce had plans to air an 11-part web series along with several live-streaming initiatives.

While the brand’s marketing team knew that video would play an essential role in their marketing strategy, they needed to pick the right platform to get their plan in motion. With nearly 2 million followers and a diverse community built around specialised pages on the social networking site, their LinkedIn page was the perfect fit.

The 11-part series was broadcast first and saw wildly impressive numbers, drawing over 600,00 organic viewers and a 3% engagement rate that far surpassed benchmarks.

What was really amazing is that for our first episode, we actually saw over 83,000 views of the episode, with no drop-off of viewership during the full event… These are numbers you don’t usually see without paid media.”

— Marissa Kraines, Senior Director of Social & Content Marketing, Salesforce

The success continued even when the brand took its biggest annual conference virtual, recreating the energy through LinkedIn Live and drawing in a colossal organic viewership.

What was the secret behind Salesforce’s impressive engagement levels? According to Marissa, it was creating consistency and anticipation. Salesforce didn’t just serve content randomly. It created a routine. Every Tuesday at 11 a.m., viewers knew it was time to tune in. That predictability kept them returning each week like clockwork.

For marketers out there, Marissa’s parting advice was gold: dive deep, don’t just dip your toes. Have a solid strategy with more than just a couple of videos. Test, tweak and refine based on the results. It’s not about setting records in one go but building a lasting connection that keeps your target audience coming back for more.

9. The Canadian Red Cross Delights Donors

With so much content out there, nonprofits often struggle to capture the attention of their audience. Donors don’t want just a generic request for help. They crave genuine relationships. This is where the Canadian Red Cross stepped in, leveraging the power of personalisation.

Sent on World Humanitarian Day, the nonprofit sought to show love to its most loyal supporters by creating videos tailored just for them. Each donor’s name was mentioned in the audio track while the visuals displayed personalised thank-yous, emphasising each supporter’s role in helping the Canadian Red Cross continue its good work.

The campaign was a triumph, yielding an 11% increase in giving and a staggering 17x return on investment. In other words, the video messages did more than just convey gratitude — they amplified bonds and boosted contributions.

This success story from the Canadian Red Cross stands as great inspiration for organisations seeking genuine ways to engage with their supporters. Do more than just say thank you. Show the impact of their support through visual storytelling and acknowledge their individual contributions through personalisation.

Upgrade Your Customer Engagement Strategy

The examples we’ve explored today prove that, when brands go the extra mile, customers respond with enthusiasm. From personalised surprises to interactive storytelling, these campaigns have set a new standard for engagement.

But why stop there? If you’re as inspired as we are, it’s time to take action. Embrace the power of data, take advantage of video communication and put your customers at the centre of your strategy.

At Idomoo, we can help you make that leap. Our Next Generation Video Platform has everything you need to create millions of dynamic, data-driven videos that take your customer engagement to the next level. Get started today with a free demo and witness firsthand how Idomoo can transform your customer interactions and help you foster lasting customer relationships.

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