Accelerate Customer Engagement

Build loyalty and fuel acquisition through personalized video


Fuel Your Customer Journey with the Fusion of Video and Personalization



Inspire customers

with stunning videos that create emotional, memorable experiences



Make it personal

gain your customers’ attention with content that matters to them



Increase loyalty

by building personal relationships that drive retention and satisfaction



Fuel ROI

boost acquisition and drive retention with profound customer interactions

Personalized Video Engagement Platform

Create successful customer programs by transforming traditional communication into emotionally exciting experiences for better retention, greater loyalty and higher satisfaction.

Why Idomoo


Proven Technology

Through simple integration with your CRM data, our technology generates cinema-quality videos that can be shared on social media channels, through an email campaign or Web page. It is easy to add call to action buttons, offerings or promotions that match each of your customers’ needs.



Our flexible model and open platform make the personalization process easy and seamless, allowing the most advanced video effects to be integrated together with your real time data. Also, our open platform lets you keep working with your own creative agency.


Extensive Experience

Hundreds of satisfied clients — many of them Fortune 500s —  have dramatically increased the ROI of their marketing and customer success programs and have shortened sales cycles with Idomoo videos.


Domain Expertise

Our knowledgeable experts can share best practices to help you turn your next marketing campaign into the most successful ever. Through unforgettable creative, effective personalized messages, the right CTAs and appropriate distribution channels, you will achieve sky-high engagement and conversion rates.

How can we help?

Idomoo personalized videos can be created for these use cases and other needs: customer welcomes, on-boarding, rapid quotes,  loan offerings,  renewals, expansion offerings, bill explanations, birthday greetings, web portal sign-ups, mobile app download confirmations, advertisements and more.

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