How To Choose the Right Personalised Video Software

As tailored experiences become the norm rather than the exception, Personalised Video has been increasingly used by brands across industries to improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Take a look at the nonprofit industry where Personalised Videos delivered via email led to higher engagement among donors led to a staggering 17x ROI for the Canadian Red Cross. Meanwhile, gaming brands like Ubisoft and Activision have seen great success with personalised recap videos that strengthen player loyalty and retention.

More than 80% of consumers like receiving video communications from brands and are 3.5x more likely to be interested in Personalised Videos in particular.

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As a versatile tool, Personalised Video can be used to level up communication throughout the sales process and customer journey. Here are just a few use cases and ideas to consider:

  • Improve outreach efforts with highly tailored video messages
  • Acquire new customers with engaging video offers
  • Grow brand awareness when customers share their personalised content
  • Optimise the onboarding experience with Personalised and Interactive Video tutorials

In an era where one-size-fits-all no longer cuts it, Personalised Video stands out as something customers want from brands. According to our latest State of Video Technology report, consumers are 3.5x more likely to express high levels of interest in receiving Personalised Video. And yet, 70% of consumers say they rarely or never receive any video from brands.

So why the disconnect? For businesses that don’t participate in video marketing, time and not knowing where to start are some of the top reasons cited. Luckily, that’s where Personalised Video software can help.

Why Personalised Video Software Matters

Making a unique video for a single customer is one thing but producing Personalised Videos for up to millions of clients would take some real horsepower. In that sense, Personalised Video software is the engine that makes it all possible.

Built to seamlessly integrate user data and insights, this technology empowers brands to effortlessly create tailored videos. Here’s what you need to know about Personalised Video software.

Empowering Brands To Scale Up

Producing Personalised Videos at scale might seem like an overwhelming task but Personalised Video software takes the heavy lifting out of the equation. How? Through the use of powerful technology and automation tools that streamline the production of Personalised Video content.

Gone are the days of manually editing each video one by one. The software handles much of the grunt work, from data integration to video production to distribution. Better yet, some providers can do so for hundreds, thousands or even millions of unique videos without breaking a sweat.

In most cases, you’ll design a video template with placeholder elements and dynamic scenes, as well as upload or connect your data source. The video platform or software then does the work of plugging in the relevant customer data points and including the most relevant scenes, audio, text, etc. to create as many Personalised Videos as you need.

As you can imagine, the scale of any Personalised Video marketing campaign can be taken to the next level when the video creation process is powered by this technology.

Ubisoft, for instance, was able to create Personalised Videos for nearly 5 million gamers by partnering with Idomoo. Each player received their own video that highlighted their stats, with text, graphics, scenes, and languages all personalised accordingly. To top it off, personalised infographics were then generated via an API call that grabbed and stitched two dozen video stills together to make a single downloadable JPEG.

The campaign was a massive hit. People love to share videos and images that express their personal experiences and gamers are no exception. The players reposted their recaps all over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for a 5x uplift in share rate. Plus, the campaign achieved a 270% increase in call-to-action (CTA) click rate.

Watch a sample video to see what all the hype was about.

In effect, Personalised Video software not only enables efficient large-scale video production but also reduces the cost per video. This translates into higher ROI, making it a valuable tool for brands who want to deliver a personalised customer experience without breaking the bank.

The Need for High Rendering Speed

Rendering speed refers to how quickly a software can process and generate the final output of a video that’s ready for your audience to watch. In the case of Personalised Video, the rendering process has the potential to be time-consuming because it often involves processing large amounts of data, content, and so on.

Of course, with instant gratification and seamless experiences as the standard these days, slow rendering can be a major buzzkill and leave your customers with a bad impression. Imagine eagerly opening a Personalised Video message, only to press play and wait ages for the video to load. Chances are, your excitement would dwindle and you’d lose interest, defeating the whole purpose of video personalisation in the first place.

Rendering speed is even more important when you’re talking about real-time videos. Want to create a video with the very latest data gathered moments before it’s rendered? That’s possible, but you’ll need a Personalised Video platform that can handle that kind of lightning-fast, on-demand turnaround, generating the video in real time — or faster than real time.


Your guide to sharing Personalised Videos, from thumbnails to landing pages

In short, the Personalised Video software you pick should be able to deliver when it comes to the rendering process and allow you to generate videos quickly, in real time and at scale.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, our Personalised Video platform has rendering speeds of up to 100x real time and is capable of rendering over 3 million concurrent videos per hour. In other words, millions of viewers could generate their Personalised Videos at the same time without experiencing any lag in rendering.

Ensuring Data Security

As more and more businesses use customer data to craft unique and personalised experiences, data security has understandably become a major concern.

When producing Personalised Video, you often deal with tons of sensitive information, from customer names and addresses to purchase histories. What if a data breach occurs and this personal information ends up in the wrong hands because of the third-party software you work with?

The consequences of a data breach can be devastating. Not only can it lead to financial losses and legal troubles but it can also erode the trust your customers have in your brand. That’s why safeguarding your customer data is non-negotiable.

Luckily, plenty of Personalised Video software have measures in place to protect sensitive information. When choosing your Personalised Video software provider, you’ll want to verify that their level of data security matches your needs.

There are several credentials that you can check for, including ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, which are granted according to standards established by trusted and independent third parties. Regular security audits, responsible data storing policies and secure data transfers are some additional practices to look for.

At Idomoo, security is a top priority. With the above credentials and more, we’re trusted by the world’s leading brands, including those from industries where data security is critical like finance and healthcare. For instance, our protocols ensure we’re HIPAA compliant so healthcare organisations like the NHS can create custom videos with patient data and know it’s safe and secure.

In addition to vetting your software, be sure to also do your due diligence and stay updated on industry regulations and compliance standards to ensure your video campaigns meet legal requirements. Regular audits and testing for vulnerabilities can help you stay ahead of potential threats.

Your customers trust you with their data. By taking these steps to safeguard it, you not only protect their privacy but also the reputation and trust your brand has worked hard to build.

Choosing the Right Personalised Video Software

Ready to add Personalised Video software to your arsenal of tools? Here’s a quick list of things to consider when making your choice.

  • Ease of use. You want software that makes your efforts easier — not one that complicates it even more. How user-friendly is the software? For example, the drag-and-drop simplicity of Idomoo’s Personalised Video marketing platform is easy to use for video editors of all skill levels.
  • Personalisation options. The sky’s the limit when it comes to personalisation. Look for software with video editing functions that let you personalise through text, audio, images, scenes or more.
  • Scalability. As your needs grow, you want software that can scale with you. Whether you’re sending 10 videos or 10 thousand, your software should handle the scale efficiently without compromising the high quality of your video.
  • Data security. The importance of data security cannot be stressed enough. Verify that the software you choose has strong security standards to keep your customers’ information safe.
  • Integration capabilities. Consider whether the software can seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing technology stack, such as your CRM system or email marketing platform. How well does it fit into your existing workflow?
  • Analytics and reporting. In-depth analytics are essential for tracking engagement metrics and campaign success. Make sure your software provides meaningful data that can help you make informed decisions.
  • Training and support. Be sure to check that the software provider has reliable customer support and training resources. You want to be confident that you can get the help you need when you need it.
  • Pricing. While Personalised Video software is a valuable investment, be sure to evaluate pricing models and choose one that aligns with your budget.

Remember, the right Personalised Video software can make all the difference in how effectively you engage your audience and drive conversions. Explore your options, do your research and weigh the pros and cons of each to find the perfect fit for your business.

Level Up With Personalised Video Software

From gaming to healthcare, Personalised Video has found its way into all kinds of sectors. And the results speak for themselves — increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates and a deeper connection with your viewers. Just take a look at some of our own clients’ results:

  • 10x higher engagement
  • 9x conversion uplift
  • +27 NPS points

With personalisation platforms, software, tools and more making it easier than ever, there’s never been a better time to harness the potential of Personalised Video. Ready to make some magic? Reach out to us and we’ll show you how our Next Generation Video Platform can power your future campaigns.

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