How Personalised Video Transforms Customer Experience

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In today’s world of overabundance of choice, getting your customers excited and committed to your brand takes more than a good quality product. A seamless and personalised customer experience is just as important when it comes to building great customer relationships and winning their loyalty. In fact:

  • Customers will pay a 16% price premium for a great customer experience.
  • 49% of buyers purchased something they didn’t initially intend to after receiving a personalised recommendation.
  • 44% will become repeat customers after receiving a personalised experience.
  • But 48% have left a website without making a purchase because they felt it was poorly curated for them.

Personalisation today plays an integral part of a brand’s omnichannel strategy where customers enjoy a personalised and frictionless experience regardless of where they choose to engage with the brand.

When we talk about personalisation, we mean more than just using the right greeting or sending a customer an ad for a product because you know they purchased something similar a couple months ago.

True personalisation digs deep into who your customer is as an individual and uses that information throughout the customer journey. And when we’re on the point of engaging and delighting your customers, it’s worth noting that video consistently outperforms text and images in getting people’s attention.

Case in point, would you rather get a list of your brand experiences over the past year or watch them unfold in a video? (And honestly, are you reading this paragraph first or already keen to click the Delta video below? It’s OK — we get it. Simply put, video is more fun than text.)

Personalised Videos take engagement to the next level. It lets customers be the heroes of their own personal story with your brand. In this post, we’ll look at how Personalised Video can truly transform customer experience and convert your customers from casual buyers to committed brand ambassadors.

Why Personalisation Is Essential for Customer Experience

Ecommerce is on the rise, with convenience and immediacy in the shopping experience now far more important than fancy product displays or in-store experiences. About half of Gen Z and millennials, who in the U.S. alone are worth around $350 billion, say they love online shopping for how easy it is to compare prices and brands.

While this is great for consumers, it causes additional challenges for brands who’ve had to get creative when it comes to getting customers’ attention and winning their trust. Here’s where personalisation can give your brand the edge.

Sales and marketing is all about psychology. And if you know anything about human psychology, it is that people love to talk and hear about themselves. We love being the centre of attention.

Using personalisation lets you capitalise on this to engage your customers with content that you know will resonate with them. Personalised CX is a powerful tool for building a loyal customer base:

  • 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when they’re offered a personalised experience.
  • 91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands who recognise, remember and provide personalised and relevant offers and recommendations.
  • 81% of consumers are willing to share some personal information in exchange for personalised experience. Of these, 28% said they were “extremely willing” to provide that information.

These aren’t lukewarm attitudes customers have towards personalisation. And personalisation can have a positive impact on all stages of your customer journey, from reducing customer acquisition by 50% to increasing brand loyalty and growing revenue by 5%-15%.

Personalisation can be used from the very beginning of the customer journey, from lead generation and customer acquisition all the way to onboarding and customer success. For instance, take a look at how one mortgage provider used personalisation in their onboarding video to build trust and show new clients what to expect.

Personalised Video Meets Customer Experience

While personalisation can be done in all formats, from personalised emails to landing pages, video is a favourite. Cisco estimates 82% of internet traffic will be video by next year.

People are 2x as likely to share video with their friends than any other content, and this can be much higher when the video is personalised, as you’ll see with the Ubisoft example below that had a 5x uplift in share rates.

Digital communications can often be dry, generic and impersonal, but Personalised Videos offer an opportunity to make customer engagement fun, interactive and relevant.

Watch how Ubisoft used Personalised Videos to celebrate the biggest wins and best games of their users in a single year.

Did you know? Scale is no issue here. Ubisoft created unique, data-driven videos for 9.5 million gamers across 6 languages.

Personalised Videos respond to everything the modern consumer expects from brands: personalised service, authenticity and transparency. This is where video marketing meets customer experience. Take a look at some of the results we’ve seen with Personalised Video marketing campaigns.

  • 8x increase in conversions
  • 10x higher engagement
  • 37% churn reduction
  • A 24-point increase in Net Promoter Score

Still a Long Way To Go

So what’s happening? Why don’t you see more personalised customer experience content, including video, from brands you interact with?

For one, there’s still plenty of confusion in the market about personalisation. Where do you begin, what does it cost and what should the focus be? And then there’s the data itself, perhaps the biggest hurdle. A study by McKinsey reveals that 67% of businesses still lacked the technology to personalise at scale. That said, more than 80% have begun working on a personalisation strategy or pilot projects.

Getting started with video personalisation isn’t hard. Many people get stalled out with having lots of data. But you don’t need a slew of data points to personalise a video. Start with what you have and go from there.

Don’t have customer data? With new Living Video technology, you can even allow users to input their own info and then generate a bespoke video just for them, all in real time. This not only provides a seamless CX. It also enriches your first-party data, which is increasingly valuable.

When to Personalise the Customer Experience

In short, the time to start with personalisation is now. If you’re waiting for more data, you’ll always be waiting. Instead, begin weaving personalisation throughout the customer journey, from acquisition to retention.

We’ve found personalisation is especially effective at transforming the customer experience when used from the very beginning of the customer journey. It creates an amazing first impression, for example, with a personalised tour of the product or service you just purchased.

Check out the award-winning, personalised onboarding video below for new insurance purchasers. It even has a unicorn.

Video personalisation also helps when it comes to upselling later in the customer journey. It’s an opportunity not just to make a sale. You can connect personally with your customer and offer a deal relevant to them.

Plus, since the video is dynamic, you can include data specific to your offer, such as how big a discount (or loan or trade-in) that specific customer is eligible for. That’s exactly what Vodafone did for their unmissable upgrade offer for a new iPhone.

And since Personalised Videos are all about customer experience, the videos you produce need to be top quality. (Imagine putting in all that effort, only to have the customer greeted by a 60-second buffer). This is where the tool you choose really matters. Choosing a platform that supports 100x real-time video rendering in cinematic quality ensures your customers are wowed every time.

Better ROI and CX With Video Personalisation

Consumer behavior has changed drastically in the past decade with customers expecting more care and commitment by brands before they part ways with their cash. Things like authenticity, personalisation and convenience are extremely important in getting people’s attention and winning their trust.

Personalised Videos offer brands a great opportunity to not only engage their customers but also add the human touch so often absent from digital interactions. Even better, Personalised Video production is simple and can even be self-serve with our open video platform.

If you have any questions on video personalisation and how you can leverage this tech to upgrade your CX, get in touch. We’re here to help.

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