Where Video Marketing Meets Customer Experience

Where Video Marketing Meets Customer Experience

These days, it’s rare to go a day without watching some type of video. From enjoying your favourite show on Netflix to scouring YouTube for a cooking tutorial, video has emerged as one of the most popular forms of content. In fact, Cisco estimates that the medium will make up a whopping 82% of total IP traffic by 2022.

This dominance of video means exciting opportunities to incorporate such content into every part of the customer experience. Beyond being an advertising tool, data-driven video can be used as a CX tool that boosts customer lifetime value.

By creating content in a form people love, you can captivate potential new customers, keep them engaged during the onboarding process, turn them into brand advocates and more. Here are some ways to improve your customer’s experience with video marketing.

Personalisation Goes A Long Way In Customer Retention

In a world where you can expect to see perfectly catered music, movie and product recommendations at the click of a button, personalisation has become an expected part of most experiences. Specifically, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognise them, and provide relevant offers and recommendations, according to Accenture.

Combine that staggering number with the fact that most people (85%, to be exact) say that video helps them connect with brands more effectively, and the benefits of Personalised Video become clear.

Take this campaign by Accor, for example. Acknowledging the diversity of their customers, the Personalised Videos were designed to appeal to each recipient’s unique identity and situation. As people have become increasingly “ad-blind,” presenting content that’s truly relevant to each customer is crucial to stand out in a sea of online content.

By making personalisation a key point in video campaigns such as these, brands can see improved clickthrough rates, greater brand recall and, ultimately, greater customer retention.

Make Onboarding New Customers Easy and Enjoyable

Video can be an especially powerful tool at the beginning of the customer-brand relationship. Consider leveraging it early on to engage customers and set the right tone going forward.

Using video to onboard new customers not only ups the fun factor but also increases the effectiveness of the process. For most people, information presented through video is much easier to comprehend and retain compared to text.

Still not convinced? Consider these stats:

  • Welcome emails have 4x the open rate and 5x the clickthrough rate compared to other marketing emails, according to Experian. If there’s ever a time you have your new customer’s attention, it’s at this stage.
  • Including videos in email increases clickthrough rates by up to 300%, according to Forrester. We’ve seen CTR uplifts for Personalised Video as high as 8x client benchmarks.

Watch how The Hartford used Personalised Video to onboard their new customers and explain the details of their plans. With pleasing animations and simple phrasing, the short clips relay important information in a way that’s easy to understand, enjoyable and catered to each individual.

The result? Starting off with a strong welcome for brand new customers.

Cross-Selling and Upselling Efforts Should Be Tailored to the Customer

Having customers opt in or upgrade to your other offerings is often a critical part of growing a business, but convincing them to do so can be a tricky task. You want to cross-sell and upsell but don’t want to come off as a pushy salesperson. After all, no one wants to feel like they’re simply a walking dollar sign.

Treating your customers in a cold, transactional manner is a surefire way to discourage repeat business. Instead, focus on empathy, gratitude and emotional connections.

This is what personalisation offers. Whether it’s a special discount for their anniversary (you remembered!) or just understanding what they’re looking for now, it’s personal and engaging. See an example in the video below offering customers the opportunity for a device upgrade with an offer personalised just for them.

With 72% of consumers saying they only engage with personalised messaging, this isn’t something you can ignore. Tailor your cross-selling and upselling efforts to your customers’ unique situations to drive conversions.

  • Use consumer data to personalise the messaging and create a unique 1:1 digital experience for each customer.
  • Harness the power of visual storytelling to show how your offerings are relevant to them.

By adding that human touch to your outreach, you’ll not only increase profitability but also build a stronger relationship with your customer. Marketing professionals report that increased visitor engagement and improved customer experience are the top benefits of personalisation.

Strengthen Loyalty and Encourage Brand Advocacy

The entertaining nature and shareability of video make it the perfect medium for connecting with your customers and inspiring them to champion your brand. Remind your customers of the great experiences they’ve had with you by recapping the highlights in a way that makes them excited to share with others.

Did you know? People are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content, according to a survey of marketing professionals and online consumers.

Ubisoft’s recent campaign is a great example. To generate buzz around their launch of Ubisoft Connect, the gaming giant sent Personalised Videos to nearly 5 million players. The campaign had a 5x uplift in share rates and a 2.7x increase in CTA clicks.

Unique Customer Experiences With Data-Driven Video

From banking to retail, we’ve seen how video marketing, with personalisation, can take customer experience to the next level.

While it may seem daunting to create a Personalised Video for every single customer, it’s easy as long as you’ve got the right tools. We’ve worked on campaigns featuring hundreds to millions of dynamic videos, generated in cinematic quality and up to 100x real time. And each video is 100% unique, tailored not just to who your customer is but also where they are in their journey.

Now that’s a customer experience worth bragging about.

To learn more about how data-driven video can help you up your CX game, get in touch and we’ll show you how the magic works.

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