Cutting Call Volume for Telecoms: How Dynamic Videos Help

According to an Ericsson survey, it takes smartphone users 4.1 days to successfully complete an interaction with a service provider, on average. And this has a massive impact on satisfaction levels — the number of satisfied customers decreases by nearly 30% after more than 1 day of trying to resolve something.

To streamline the customer service experience, telecommunication companies are turning to digital tools. The issue, though, is that generic emails and automated replies lack the empathy so-needed during this critical touchpoint.

To add back a human touch, telecom companies can send out videos breaking down what customers need to know. Better still, make them personalised to every viewer, giving customers relevant answers when and where they need them. It’s called Personalised Video — and we’ve seen it slash call centre volume by over 35%.

Curious to see how it works? Keep reading.

What Is Personalised Video?

Over 60% of consumers now want more videos from brands, according to our market study. Whether it’s an explanation of new policies or an exclusive offer, consumers want their content in a video format.

But video is even more engaging when personalised. Think of a video that breaks down every viewer’s billing statement. Or a year-in-review video that celebrates every customer’s achievements with your brand. We call it Personalised Video.

They’re a great fit for the telecommunications industry — especially when it comes to driving down call volume. Check out what they look like in action.

How exactly do these videos increase call deflection? We’ll show you below.

Clarify First Bills

A common issue representatives resolve is confusion surrounding a customer’s first bill. What is pro rata? Why is my bill so high? Subscribers want questions like these answered fast, but often wait hours upon hours to get in touch with a live agent.

To resolve your customers’ questions in a timely manner, send them an explainer video made just for them, as BT has below.

Sending customers blocks upon blocks of text can easily overwhelm them. A video like this, though, breaks down everything viewers need to know about their billing statement in a matter of minutes, improving transparency and boosting satisfaction. And we’ve seen first-hand how well they work — videos like these reduce churn by 37%.

Tip: Over half of smartphone users (56%) expect telecom providers to anticipate their needs. Take a proactive approach by sending customers an explainer video before questions arise.

Improve Onboarding

New customers are just getting started with your company. And a customer that fails to learn how to use your product or service is likely to reach out to customer service with issues sooner rather than later.


Discover the top 9 ways to personalise video content

To avoid future calls to your contact centre, create an onboarding experience that sets customers up for success. Send subscribers a Personalised Video to explain benefits they can look forward to, upcoming changes and how to create their online account.

Allow for Self-Serve

Today’s consumers want a zero-touch customer experience. According to the Harvard Business Review, 81% of all customers attempt to take care of issues themselves before reaching out to a representative.

To meet this need, give your customers the option to self-serve with an Interactive Video. This can look like:

  • An interactive Q&A where customers select from a menu of common issues to get the answers they need.
  • A video chat that simulates a live support agent.
  • An interactive video calculator for customers looking to add a line, letting them calculate their new payment plan in real time.

It’s a win-win situation. Self-serve tools like these give representatives the bandwidth to handle more pressing issues, while customers receive answers when and where they need it.

Drive Down Call Volume With Personalised Video

From long wait times to generic answers and more, customer service can be a source of frustration for customers — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Turn this pain point into an opportunity to delight customers with videos that give customers the personal attention they deserve.

Sending hundreds of thousands, even millions, of subscribers videos personalised to their needs can seem daunting. But it’s possible, even easy, to start with our enterprise-grade Next Generation Video Platform. We’ve seen firsthand how top carriers are leveraging our tech to deliver an exceptional, personalised CX proven to cut call volume and drive loyalty.

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