7 Tips for Making Personalised Videos for Emails

It’s not easy to stand out in an overcrowded inbox. As effective as email marketing can be, it only really works if you’re able to survive that cutthroat inbox sweep. With so many emails coming in every day, consumers have become more and more brutal when it comes to deleting emails they aren’t interested in.

Adding video to email can increase CTR as much as 3x.

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So what can you do to stick out from clutter and capture your audience’s attention? Incorporate Personalised Video.

A whopping 81% of consumers want brands to use video more. And yet 70% say they rarely or never receive video content from brands. Additionally, consumers are 3.5x more likely to be interested in Personalised Video than not. You know what that means? There’s a huge opportunity for brands like yours to stand out by delivering what consumers crave.

Personalised Videos in emails have the potential to significantly boost customer engagement, increase click-through rates by up to 3x and ultimately drive the results you want. If you’re ready to take your email marketing strategy to the next level, here are 7 valuable tips for incorporating Personalised Video into email.

1. Set the Stage for Personalisation

Personalised Video in emails is all about creating a special connection with your audience and that starts with the very first impression you make. From that first glance, you want them to immediately feel that the content is meant for them personally and not just another generic message in their inbox.

In short, email personalisation cuts through the noise so your content gets noticed.

Start by addressing each recipient by name in the subject line or greeting. This seemingly simple touch can make your audience feel incredibly special and engaged right from the get-go.

It’s also essential to indicate clearly that the linked video is personalised just for them. This not only piques their curiosity but also sets the expectation that what they’re about to see is tailored to their interests and needs.

For example, your intro could include something like, “Mr. Smith, watch this video we created just for you!” This kind of straightforward statement effectively sets the stage for a personalised customer experience, boosting the likelihood of them watching and engaging.

2. Personalise Beyond the Name

While addressing your recipients by name is a great starting point for personalisation, there’s a world of possibilities beyond that. For truly engaging and relevant personalised emails, go beyond the basics with your video personalisation.

Ultimately, the goal should be to deliver a unique and tailored narrative for each person. Avoid crafting cookie-cutter messages with a name slapped on. Ask yourself, “What personal details can I incorporate to make it resonate with each individual viewer?”

The Goldilocks principle applies here — not too little, not too much, but just right. Aim for 4-8 dynamic video elements that can be personalised to each viewer. Too few and your video might come off as generic. Too many and you risk overcomplicating things without adding much value.

We love how insurance leader SelectHealth personalised the video below, which aimed to smooth the customer’s transition to Medicare and strengthen loyalty. They did more than just greet “Christopher” by name and included details like how long he’d been a member, his open enrollment date and plan options available in his specific ZIP code.

Every piece of personal data you include in your video should have a purpose. Don’t just throw in a random detail for the sake of it. Whether it’s mentioning how long they’ve been a customer, their recent purchase or tailored product recommendations, it should all seamlessly align with your video’s objectives.

3. Aim for Short and Sweet

With “digital temptations” everywhere, attention spans are not what they used to be. Consumers are easily distracted and the average time that passes before they focus on something new has shrunk dramatically. One study found that it’s gone down from 2.5 minutes in the early 2000s to a mere 47 seconds in recent years.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all of your video marketing efforts have to be under 47 seconds. After all, we’re certainly capable of paying attention for more than a few seconds. Instead, take it as something to be aware of. Short, snappy videos are more likely to hold your audience’s attention from start to finish so make every second count. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Start with a hook. Pose a question, share a fascinating fact or highlight the key benefit they’ll gain from watching. Grab your viewers’ attention and let them know what’s in it for them right away.
  • Cut the fluff. Trim out lengthy introductions or unnecessary details. Focus on the core message you want to convey.
  • Visual storytelling. Use visuals and graphics to supplement your message, making it easier for viewers to digest information quickly.
  • Create a series. If you have a lot to say, consider breaking it into a series of short, interconnected videos. This keeps viewers engaged without overwhelming them.
  • CTA Clarity. End with a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) to guide viewers on their next steps.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to keep your videos short but to ensure that every second is packed with value. Respect your viewers’ time with a concise, engaging message and you’ll increase the chances of your Personalised Video messages making a meaningful impact.

Check out our guide on how to boost email engagement with video creative for more tips and tricks.

4. Optimise for Different Devices

Many of your recipients are checking their emails on the go, which means your Personalised Videos need to look great on all kinds of screens.

Ensure your email and video templates are responsive, meaning they adapt to various screen sizes. A responsive design will automatically adjust the video’s dimensions to fit the viewer’s device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Before sending out your campaign, test how it looks on a range of mobile devices and email clients. This ensures that your content looks and functions as intended, regardless of the device your recipients are using.

A square video like this one can be a great choice for using across devices, but our platform also allows the video to change based on user data, such as whether the video is being viewed on desktop or mobile.

If your Personalised Video email leads to a landing page, make sure the landing page is mobile-friendly as well. A seamless transition from email to the landing page enhances the user experience.

Optimising for different kinds of devices ensures that your Personalised Videos not only reach your audience but are also accessible regardless of the device they’re using.

5. The Thumbnail Matters

Simply adding a Personalised Video to the email and calling it a day isn’t going to cut it. You need to do all you can to effectively convince your recipient to hit that “play” button.

Before watching the video, viewers are first met with the video thumbnail, which can have a significant impact on whether the video gets played or overlooked. (Reminder: If you want to embed video in an email, it doesn’t work like an image does, but we do have a tip below on how to add some auto-play animation to your email.)

Here’s how you can make your video thumbnail count:

  • Use eye-catching visuals. Your thumbnail should be visually appealing and accurately reflect the content of your video. Consider using a frame from the video that showcases a compelling moment. It’s like a sneak peek of the exciting content waiting for them.
  • Try animated GIFs. For best results, you can use an animated GIF as your thumbnail. A short, eye-catching GIF can act as a teaser, with the extra movement enticing your recipient to click and discover more. Plus, GIFs can play in emails where video can’t.
  • Personalise with text. Go a step further by personalising your thumbnail with the recipient’s name or a message. For example, “John, click to view your video.” This personal touch not only grabs their attention but also conveys the video’s tailored nature.
  • Add a play button overlay. This is a simple but effective way to convey that the thumbnail is a video. It’s a universal symbol that viewers recognise instantly.
    Even just taking some of these best practices, like adding the first name, can make a big difference.

Even just taking some of these best practices, like adding the first name, can make a big difference.

Stand Out With Your Subject Line

Pro Tip: While a thumbnail is vital, remember that some devices or email clients may not display images by default. To make sure your message gets across, include a text hyperlink above or below the thumbnail. This guarantees that even if the recipient can’t view the image, they can still access the video.

6. Encourage Action With the Right CTAs

Personalised Videos have incredible potential to engage your audience and drive action. But to harness that potential, you need a well-placed call-to-action (CTA). Whether you want viewers to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter or explore your website, CTAs act as that guiding force.

Your CTA buttons should always align with your business goals. Be crystal clear about what you want your audience to do and make sure your CTA reflects that. If you’re nurturing leads, it might be “Learn More,” while for a sales video, it could be “Shop Now.”


From creation to distribution, this guide has all of our must-know Personalised Video best practices.

When it comes to placement, one option is to put your CTA buttons within the email body, under the video thumbnail. This is where your viewers’ eyes will naturally gravitate, making it prime real estate for boosting conversion rates.

Another option is to include the CTA right in the video. With Interactive Video, you can add clickable call-to-action buttons that redirect viewers to the desired action.

7. Improve Results With A/B Testing

A/B testing involves sending 2 or more slightly different versions of your email campaigns to a subset of your audience to determine which one performs better. In other words, you’re fine-tuning your strategy based on real-time feedback. Here are a few key areas where A/B testing can make an impact:

  • Subject lines. The subject line is one of the first things your recipients see. Test different subject lines to determine which one piques more interest and drives higher open rates.
  • Personalisation. Experiment with different elements of personalisation in your videos. The results may surprise you.
  • Email structure. Test variations in your email structure, such as changing the order of content or altering the subject line.
  • CTAs. Try different calls to action (CTAs). Test variations in the wording, placement and design of your CTAs to see which ones drive the most clicks.
  • Send times. Test the timing of your email sends. Consider sending emails at different times of the day or days of the week to determine when your audience is most responsive.
  • Frequency. Explore how often you send Personalised Videos. You want to strike the right balance between staying top of mind and not overwhelming your audience.

The beauty of A/B testing is that it provides real data on what works and what doesn’t. With each test, you gain insights that lead to gradual improvements. Over time, these small adjustments can add up to significant boosts in your results.

Transform Your Email Marketing With Personalised Video

Personalised Video isn’t just a trend; it’s a powerful strategy that can boost your results, captivate your subscribers and set your brand apart. It speaks directly to your audience, creating connections that generic emails can’t match. The results speak for themselves: higher open rates, increased click-throughs and better engagement.

Now, it’s your turn to shine. Start implementing these tips in your email strategy and watch the magic happen. For more inspiration, read our CMO’s tips on how to use video in your email marketing campaigns.

If you’re eager to take your marketing campaigns to the next level, why not explore the world of Personalised Video further? We’re here to help you harness the full potential of data-driven video. Get started with a free demo and find out what Personalised Video can do for your brand.

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