Monarch Holidays Personalised Video Campaign Powered by Idomoo Wins Platinum and Gold at The 2017 Travel Marketing Awards

Monarch Holidays Personalised Video Campaign Powered by Idomoo Wins Platinum and Gold at The 2017 Travel Marketing Awards

Creative agency WDMP has won again for their Personalised Video campaign for Monarch Holidays! This time, they were recognised at the 2017 Travel Marketing Awards, winning Platinum in the category of Most Innovative Marketing and Gold in the category of Best Email Campaign. It’s worth noting that at this year’s awards ceremony, only one Platinum rating was given out. 

The Personalised Video campaign, powered by Idomoo’s Personalised Video as a Service™ platform, addressed the challenge of reactivating past Monarch Holidays customers who had a travel history with Monarch but had not yet booked travel for 2016. WDMP needed to convince recipients to reconsider booking with Monarch for the coming summer. 

Regarding the unique challenge of cutting through competing travel-industry marketing noise, WDMP says, “For the first time in the travel market we created a personalised video experience – bringing together the best in data insight, creative and personalisation technology – to help drive re-bookings. By integrating personal and unique individual information, the experience becomes more engaging while reducing the possibility of recipients ignoring the message. The campaign brings together the best in data insight, creative and personalisation technology to help drive re-bookings with Monarch.” 

Idomoo’s Native Personalised Video technology enabled Monarch to emotionally engage with their customers and drive them to action. What’s more, Idomoo’s open PVaaS™ dramatically improves ease of use and makes launching Personalised Video campaigns a breeze. 

More than 40,000 unique videos were generated with over 360 personalised variables. The campaign had a 36% open rate and 99% of customers watched their Personalised Videos in full. Incremental revenue was generated in excess of £220,000, totaling campaign ROI at 3:1. 

Previously, WDMP and Monarch were recognised at the Data Storytelling Awards for the same campaign. They won the Personalisation category with judges commenting that the campaign was “a memorable approach to personalisation. A simple idea, well executed and with impressive results.” 

You can read more about the campaign’s aims and success here, and watch the short campaign video case study below. 

About the Travel Marketing Awards

More than 140 travel firms, media marketing teams and PR agencies were shortlisted for the accolades, which are designed to reflect the aims of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Travel Group (CIM Travel Group) in promoting best practice within travel marketing.

The awards were held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel on March 14 and celebrated work done between September 2015 and August 2016.

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