Dynamic Videos and Mortgages: Why They Work Well Together

Personalised Video and mortgages — how (and why) do they fit together so well? It might not seem like an obvious connection, but let me explain.

For the last 10 years before joining as a director of sales and account manager, I’ve been a marketing strategist in the mortgage industry. First, I was at Quicken Loans (now Rocket Mortgage), then at JP Morgan & Chase.

And in those positions, I used Idomoo Personalised Video across the entire customer journey to educate and inspire customers to take action. I loved the technology so much, I joined the company. I got to share a little about this and how our platform works at this year’s Digital Mortgage conference by National Mortgage News.

You can see my presentation — and take a look under the hood of our Next Generation Video Platform — in the clip below.

But if you’d rather read, here’s the gist. It all goes back to communication. See, as a marketer in the mortgage industry, my job had always been to engage and inspire customers to take a specific action.

The truth for anyone in marketing, though, is that customers don’t want to hear from their mortgage company.

Some messages are too personal to convey over a general email or direct mail. Take escrow analysis, for instance. Why is my payment changing? Or think about the loan process. It can be a nightmare.

And, quite frankly, if customers and prospects don’t want to read — they don’t want to answer the phone. I know I don’t answer the phone.

With that being said, the question is: How do you engage these customers?

Well, the answer has been right beneath our nose all along. Think about social media. Specifically, short-form video. It’s incredibly impactful for engaging, educating, informing and inspiring customers to take action.

But there’s an issue with video: scalability. Typically, this medium is one-size-fits-all. Plus, it can be hard to update. Done creating your video? Hopefully, you won’t have a branding change or any other edits in your near future.

This is where Idomoo comes in. Our Next Generation Video Platform creates Personalised Videos at scale and with ease.

What is Personalised Video? It combines the impact of video with the relevance of personalisation to create a truly new means of 1:1 customer communication. And our platform makes it possible to create these videos for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of customers.

Final Thoughts

But don’t take my word for it. You can take a look at the incredible, effective campaigns we’ve created for some of the world’s top mortgage companies, sparking results like 73% call reduction and 22x higher engagement. Or let us show you by scheduling a 15-minute call with one of our video experts.

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