Cracking the Code: HR Communications – Part 1
Using Personalised Video to guide employee experiences and improve company culture

HR Communication - Using Personalized Video to guide employee experiences

Big Companies, Small Touches.

  • How do you build a “workplace culture” when there is no longer a singular, “workplace?”
  • How do you plan an employee engagement strategy when the “new normal” continuously changes every stage of the employee lifecycle?
  • How does a large organisation keep communications feeling personal?
  • How do you maintain a sense of meaningful connection when challenged with distance & distractions now more than ever?
  • How do you ensure every individual employee feels appreciated, when you have thousands of employees to help feel validated and seen?
  • How do you communicate the uniquely tailored information each individual employee needs to know in a manner that is engaging and individually relevant – but, also scalable?

These are massive challenges requiring new ideas, new technologies and most difficult of all – letting go of the old ideas.

Luckily many leading companies have found a revolutionary answer:
Data-driven hyper-Personalised Videos.
Data-driven hyper-Personalized Videos

What is Personalised Video?

Personalised Video combines the impact of video with the relevance of personalisation, creating a unique method of digital communication. Idomoo Personalised Videos are uniquely tailored to each viewer.

Viewers don’t watch a video, they watch their video.

Their data, their scenes, their information. It’s a video made just for that one unique individual.

HR Use Cases

Personalised Videos create unique impactful experiences that help strengthen company culture,  demonstrate core-values, and reinforce a company’s culture across the employee lifecycle:
HR Use Cases

Potential Applicants

For most modern job-seekers, the application process has become painfully impersonal. Resumes are scanned by bots, form emails are automated, and all too often applicants are left feeling like faceless cattle.

Now, imagine a different world: Where a video showcases your company’s unique and engaging culture.

Next, let’s take that dream even a step further – it’s not a generic video. It’s a hyper-personalised video thanking that unique person for their time and their interest in joining your team!

How we treat applicants has long-lasting repercussions on an employer’s brand, which in turn impacts the EVP (Employer Value Proposition).

Personalised Videos can be used to establish positive perceptions of a company’s culture, instilling those feelings in an applicant even prior to becoming an official member of that culture.

This is where the journey begins but, in terms of revolutionising the employee life cycle, we’re only just getting started.


It’s a two-way street. Job-seekers are considering employers while employers are considering them.

So how do you keep potential talent engaged & excited about your company during what can often be a lengthy and tiring hiring process? How do you in fact turn a process into an experience? This is where the Personal Video comes in.

Personalised Videos keep the experience fun while ensuring candidates remain informed and engaged.

Your candidates want to know what to expect at every stage of the interview cycle, while also learning about the company and their potential new colleagues.

Personalised Videos tell candidates who to know and what to expect – as well as cultivating positive feelings about your company, providing an impact that is as personal as it is memorable.

New Employees

We’ve all been there, the all-too-often daunting first day . Starting at a new job can be a lot of things: Exciting, surprising, and all too often, scary.

Empower your new hires to feel informed, engaged, welcomed, and of course, highly motivated to instantly become effective contributing members of the team!

A Personalised Video answers all those burning new hire questions while building a sense of culture and fun!

  • Where do I go?
  • Who should I know?
  • What can I prepare?
  • What are the shared values?
  • And, what’s the company’s “vibe?”

Idomoo lets you easily personalise new hires’ unique videos with everything they need to know to ensure a smooth onboarding and set them up for rapid success.

Furthermore, their very own Personalised Video is something new hires can share with friends & loved ones. Allowing the important people in their life to get a sense of just how cool their new job truly is. All while building a meaningful shared experience and cultivating positive employer branding.

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Using Personalised Video to guide employee experiences and improve company culture">

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