Best Practices for a Video Landing Page (With Examples)

Best Practices for a Video Landing Page

Research shows we now spend almost 7 hours per day browsing the web. Think of the countless web pages you visit during that time. Think of the distractions!

A landing page is a special kind of web page designed to minimize those distractions. And a video landing page puts the internet’s most popular form of content front and center. The goal? Keeping your attention longer to ultimately increase conversions.

Incorporating video content into your landing page is effective, but there are tips and tricks you should keep in mind to keep customers engaged so they don’t click away.

We’re here to show you best practices for your video landing page, from design to copy and everything in between. Better still, we’ll also include examples to help show what a video landing page done right looks like. Ready to create your best landing page yet? Let’s start.

Why You Should Include Video in Your Landing Page

Before we delve into the best practices and examples, let’s talk about the benefits of using video in your landing page.

Videos are a powerful tool in getting a visitor’s attention — and turning their interest into action. Educate your audience about your product with an easy-to-follow video so they can feel more confident in their purchase. Film real-life customers singing praises of your company, creating a compelling customer testimonial that helps viewers gain confidence in your product or service.

Plain and simple, videos help your landing page deliver better business results. They drive conversions — 80% higher than other media, to be exact.

  • Almost 90% of consumers say a brand’s video has convinced them to make a purchase.
  • Over 80% of marketers have seen video help them generate leads.

These video metrics are especially impressive when you consider the digital noise that exists today. Consumers have increasingly tuned out what doesn’t immediately interest them. What’s more, any landing page you create is competing with hundreds of thousands of others. Video marketing is key to help your landing page rise above this.

Tip: If you’re looking for a comprehensive how-to for this kind of page, we have a whole blog post all about video landing page creation.

Best Practices for Your Video Landing Page

We know video is an effective tool to optimize your landing page, but there are certain steps you can take to ensure your video landing page is the best it can be. Here are some of our best practices you can keep in mind, whether you’re making improvements to an existing landing page or starting from scratch.

Make It Easy To Convert

A consumer shouldn’t have to guess what the next step you want them to take is. Once they’re confused, it’s likely they’ll click off — and you’ll lose a potential lead. With this in mind, if you notice your landing page’s conversion rate is lower than you hoped, make sure your CTA or desired link is front and center.

amazin employees deserveYou can make sure your visitors notice your CTA by designing your landing page with minimalism in mind, as Odoo does with this landing page. Their color scheme is simple, but still looks great. Plus, it doesn’t take away from what’s most important: the video. They even use the CTA as a fun pop of color — that matches with the play symbol — helping it stand out from the rest of the page.

What’s more, you can also allow visitors to click on the desired link straight from the video. Once your viewer is done watching, an interactive video allows them to instantly take the next step — making it easy for your customers to convert.

Keep Your Copy Simple

As we touched on before, minimalism is key. Your video should be able to replace lengthy text, preventing you from overwhelming or boring your visitors.

The copy you do include should give the visitor an idea of what your video is about. Try to create a simple, yet interesting, headline to grab their attention. Aim for small chunks or bulleted lists your audience can skim or read in a matter of seconds.

my year in eve

Take a look at this landing page CCP Games created to host their personalized highlight reel campaign for EVE Online. The headline is loud and clear. It even includes a hashtag to encourage viewers to share their video with friends.

Another way you can live up your copy — without making it complicated — is by including your customer’s name in the thumbnail of your video, bound to attract more attention than a generic one.

plan international canada

This landing page was created by Plan Canada to host their video, personalized to every donor to thank them for their contribution to their organization. The custom thumbnail is a simple, but extremely effective, way to increase conversions.

Create a Landing Page That’s Evergreen

You want to make the most of your landing page. But what happens when the video you’re using becomes outdated?

Typically, you would have to update your video, embed the new link into your page and keep track of any other changes. But by making your video contextual, you can avoid this hassle. With Living Videos, your video content automatically updates according to the world around them.

Greet your viewer with “good morning” or “good night”, depending on the time of day. Show them a video recommending your best-selling sweater if they live somewhere cold — or a swimsuit if they’re in a more sunny area.

You can also leverage Living Data to make sure your video is always relevant. A video that incorporates real-time data can:

  • Display a product’s current price
  • Show the latest flight prices
  • Recommend a promotional deal based on the time of day
  • Educate patients on the current mold and allergen count

Keep Track of Your Site’s Metrics

Like any good marketing strategy, collecting and analyzing data is critical. You can leverage this data to determine if you’ve met your goal and what you can improve upon.


These are the latest videotrends every marketer needs to know

You can track how your video content is performing with a variety of video marketing metrics, from view count to bounce rate and more. They all work together to give you a clear picture of your video marketing strategy.

You can take a look at how your landing page itself is performing, too. Here are a few you might want to consider:

  • Page views: How many people have viewed your page? Are they new traffic or have they visited before?
  • Traffic source: Where are your visitors from? What type of device are they using?
  • Form abandonment: How many people began to fill out your form, but stopped mid-way
  • Conversion rate: What percentage of visitors clicked on the desired link? Did your landing page persuade them to take the next step?
  • Session duration: How long did your audience spend engaging with your content?

Drive Conversions With Video Landing Pages

You’ve created your ad campaign. Your target audience has been set. Now, all that’s left to do is create a landing page to host your content. These best practices and examples for a video landing page can make sure you nail this last step. Use them to make improvements to your current video landing page — or start a new one with your best foot forward.

Stuck on what kind of video content you should include in your video landing page? As we touched on before, videos that are contextual or interactive (or both) are a great way to drive conversions even further. Speak to one of our team members to find out more about this new era of video.

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