Using the Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot to Scale Video Marketing

New Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot

As the world’s leading provider of Personalised Video, we understand the power of easily embeddable media. We help brands better connect with their unique audiences through powerful, video-driven customer experiences. Using our scalable, secure tool to create individualised video messages in real-time (in full cinematic quality), Idomoo helps you humanize your brand in order to drive engagement and conversions.

When brands launch their Personalised Video campaigns right from HubSpot, they are supported by automation tools and analytics every step of the way.

We are excited to launch the new Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot, which enables brands to combine our Personalised Video platform with the power of HubSpot automation at scale.

Combine Idomoo Personalized Video platform with the power of HubSpot automation

For Mike Stone, Director of Partnerships at Idomoo, the decision to partner with HubSpot to create this integration was an easy one.

“Many of our customers use HubSpot, and we know this will be valuable functionality for them as they set up their campaigns,“ he said.

“The Media Bridge integration is ideal for a platform like Idomoo since now HubSpot users can seamlessly integrate their Personalised Video content into their HubSpot campaigns,” he added. “This is helping increase workflow efficiencies and making campaigns simple to deploy.”

Benefits of Using the Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot

With Media Bridge, you can now easily integrate your new or existing Idomoo videos with your HubSpot data, allowing you to access and embed all media content directly from the drag-and-drop editor — as opposed to previously, when you’d have to manually embed media into HubSpot content by importing CSVs of video links.

Now, you can seamlessly combine the power of HubSpot’s CRM platform with your favourite media apps like Idomoo. For example, brands using the Media Bridge Integration can now find all of their Idomoo media content in HubSpot and send Personalised Videos to customers or prospects directly from HubSpot. This makes for a much more seamless media sharing experience, saving your team time and tab-switching fatigue.

Media Bridge Integration to send video

If you’re wondering, “But why should I use Personalised Videos for marketing?” we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Videos lead to 80% higher conversion and 68% higher retention.
  • Personalisation leads to 6x conversion and a 19% sales uplift.
  • Combining the two, Personalised Videos lead to 8x conversion and 5x engagement.

The Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot features access to all media content directly from HubSpot, reducing the time it takes to get personalised video content out to your audience.

With help from the incorporated analytics tools, brands can use the insights they’ve gathered to better optimise their videos and tailor all future campaigns.

With all of these combined features making it easier than ever before to test and scale video content in marketing campaigns, our team was excited to be invited to participate in the launch of the Media Bridge integration alongside only a handful of other providers.

Want to know how to take advantage of the integration if you’re a HubSpot user? Read on.

Ways to Use the Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot

Ways to Use the Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot

Personalised Video has a place in nearly every industry and throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to onboarding to retention. Video is the No. 1 content type marketers are creating in 2021, and personalisation is a growing driver of marketing success.

Increase Workflow Efficiencies

Build out Personalised Videos at scale, adding them to workflows and inserting custom HubSpot properties rather than manually customising video content. Use drag-and-drop editors in HubSpot along with engagement data to optimise marketing efforts.

Simplify Campaign Deployment

Create videos with features like voice-to-text. Then automate messaging using triggers in HubSpot. Automatically send Personalised Videos when contacts meet certain criteria.

Drive Sales

With Personalised Videos come improved sales. Turn prospects into customers with actionable video content that converts by providing only the most relevant offers for that individual customer. Here’s an example below with a personalised offer for home-buyers from Quicken Loans.

Stay Engaged With Customers

Connect with customers or potential customers when they are most likely to respond. Use data to drive strategy and incorporate customer data into your videos. One use we love? Recap videos, like this one from Ubisoft, that inspire customers to engage and reengage with your brand.

How to Access the Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot

  • First, browse and select Idomoo through HubSpot’s App Marketplace.
  • Then follow the prompts to install the app. Once you do, the Media Bridge module will be automatically available on your portal.
  • Depending on the specifics of your media app, features may vary. To find your unique collection of features, reference the app listing page for more details.

To get started seamlessly embedding media directly into HubSpot’s content editors and leveraging the engagement data right in HubSpot’s CRM, try the Idomoo Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot now.

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