3 Pro Tips for Including Personalisation in Video Campaigns

3 Pro Tips for Including Personalisation in Video Campaigns

Personalised Video marketing campaigns are an excellent way of engaging customers with information that’s both visually driven and individually relevant. Why does this matter so much?

Because information conveyed visually is absorbed so much better than text (remember, 90% of the information humans take in is done visually), and communication that speaks to you – that uses your name, considers your habits, leverages relevant customer information – is just a heck of a lot more interesting than one-size-fits-all marketing noise.

And while we wholly endorse the use of personalisation in any type of campaign, it’s important to understand which pieces of personal information to leverage and which to keep private. 

So if you’re thinking of launching a Personalised Video campaign, take a moment to review this list of 3 pro tips that will help you positively engage your audience with video campaigns… 

Go Beyond the Basics

Of course it’s great to be recognised by name, but why stop your personalisation efforts there? Leveraging CRM data to create videos that factor in purchase history, interests, preferences and demographics can be extraordinarily effective in driving engagement. 

For example, a Personalised Video campaign that encourages customers to upgrade their mobile phone plans would require knowledge of someone’s unique plan information, the type of device they have and what special offers they’re eligible for. 

Tesco Mobile, launched a Dynamic Video Ads campaign on Facebook for this very purpose, which you can watch below, and saw a 6.5X uplift in Click-Through Rate just by targeting customers based on device and location. 

Be Personal, But Not Personally Identifiable

Like we said above, it’s great to utilise a robust assortment of customer data when developing campaigns, but avoid getting too familiar. Information relayed back to customers should show that you know and understand them, of course, but videos should never incorporate personally identifiable data. This would include credit card numbers, passwords, social security numbers…even specific home addresses and last names. 

When building relationships digitally, there’s a line between wowing someone and alarming them – be careful not to cross it. 

Personalise with Purpose

We highly recommend engaging your customers with campaigns that strive to answer the ever-important question of “Why should I care?” 

Consider the goals of your campaign and then look at what customer data you have on hand. The data you choose to include should serve a larger purpose – explaining a specific service someone has just signed up for, illustrating a how-to around a product that was recently purchased, setting up an online profile in conjunction with an account that has been opened. 

In these scenarios, you need to show you know the uniquely relevant “what” – what type of service, what type of product, what type of account – so that you can then craft the best message for those individuals. 

To find out more about Idomoo’s easy-to-use Personalised Video as a Service Platform (PVaaS™) and how we can help you reach your customers and drive action, contact us below.

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