All our solutions run on the same state of the art PVaaS™ platform, but leverage different integrations and implementations to support any use case.

Personalized Marketing Videos

True 1:1 Personalized Videos leveraging enterprise CRM data and 3rd party data.

The bigger your company gets, the harder it is to create and maintain true connections with your customers. Idomoo’s Personalized Marketing Videos enable you to easily engage with your customers on a truly personal level, driving loyalty, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Don’t accept your fate. Stand out from the crowd and wow your customers like you never thought possible.

Dynamic Video Advertising

Hyper-targeted Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook deliver a 5X uplift in CTR and a 4X improvement in brand recall compared to legacy video.

Whether repurposing existing content or starting from scratch, our Facebook integration takes the headache out of Dynamic Video campaigns.

Take your video advertising to the next level: Exceed your Direct Response and Awareness goals, deliver the right message to the right audience, and boost sales.

Personalized GIF

Personalized GIF

Sometimes, a Personalized Video can be overkill. You may want to surprise your customers with a short Birthday or Anniversary video, or interest them in a time-sensitive promotion.

Our Personalized GIFs enable you to quickly & easily launch engaging campaigns for these “lighter” use cases.

Idomoo for Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming increasingly relevant, especially in customer service and sales scenarios. But chatbots are still limited by their text-only output, which falls short in many cases.

Idomoo for Chatbots combines customer input with relevant cloud data to deliver engaging, Personalized Videos in real time.