All our solutions run on the same state-of-the-art Next Generation Video Platform,
purpose-built for the world of data-driven video.

Personalized Video

Nurturing meaningful customer relationships in a digital world is challenging for any company, big or small. Put your CRM data to work with Idomoo’s Personalized Video and engage your customers on a true 1:1 level, driving unparalleled business results.

Want to take your Personalized Video campaigns to the next level and really wow your customers? Try incorporating Living Video capabilities like embedded interactivity, contextualization and in-player customization.

Dynamic Video Advertising

Compared to regular video ads, our hyper-targeted Dynamic Video Ads for Facebook and Instagram deliver up to a 5x uplift in CTR and up to 7x return on ad spend.

With our Facebook integration, creating new campaigns is easy to do. You can even repurpose existing content for a quicker launch. Deliver the right message to the right audience, and watch the conversions roll in.

Personalized GIFs

Sometimes, a Personalized Video can be overkill. You may want to surprise your customers on their birthday or catch their interest for a time-sensitive promotion.

Our Personalized GIFs let you quickly and efficiently launch campaigns for these “lighter” use cases. Another perk — GIFs can auto-play directly in email, dramatically increasing reach.

Personalized Infographics

Personalized Infographics can complement your Personalized Video or stand alone.

Dynamically pull data and creative into a high-quality image users can easily download and share on social media. It’s just another way for your customers to enjoy their personalized content.

Idomoo for Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming increasingly relevant, especially in customer service and sales scenarios. But chatbots are still limited by their text-only output, which falls short in many cases.

Idomoo for Chatbots combines customer input with relevant cloud data to deliver engaging, Personalized Videos in real time.