American Airlines “Checks In” to Offer Hope During COVID-19

American Airlines “Checks In” to Offer Hope During COVID-19

Virtually every industry is suffering – directly or indirectly – over the worldwide shut-down caused by the novel Coronavirus. And of course, the airline industry is perhaps one of the hardest hit: In April 2020, global passenger capacity was down by a crippling 91%; the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) of the U.N. predicts 1.2 billion fewer travelers by September 2020 as compared to a typical year, with a revenue loss of $160-$253 billion for the first nine months of 2020. This complete decimation would have been hard to imagine a few months ago.

For regular folks, the loss of travel has certainly been hard, financially and emotionally, as they bear the frustration of cancelled in-person business meetings, miss participating in milestone events, and watch dreams of long-awaited vacations fade. But the airline industry itself and related businesses – such as travel agents and tour operators – have been weathering their own storm and preparing for a future full of uncertainties.

Idomoo: Global passenger capacity was down by a crippling 91%

American Airlines wanted to boost morale among its corporate and agency partners, encouraging them with an upbeat message of hope: Together, our industry will make it through this difficult time. To maximise the impact, the company turned to Idomoo to create a Personalised Video campaign that would engage their audience on an emotional level. Oh, and for the sake of relevance, American Airlines needed it done ASAP!

Personalised Video was indeed the right way to go. In general, video is more effective than written communication in grabbing an audience’s attention and connecting with them on an emotional level. Human beings are simply wired that way, as our brains process and analyse visual stimuli more than 60,000 times faster than text and visual stimuli activate the limbic system part of our brain, which is responsible for intuitive, emotional and unconscious thoughts.

Our brains process and analyze visual stimuli more than 60,000 times faster than text

Adding personalisation to video takes it a step further, consolidating a personal connection with the customer that would not be possible using other channels, except for face-to-face which these days is unfortunately not an option.

To accelerate time-to-market, American Airlines chose to personalise a pre-existing video with a four-second, simple introduction. The result: Videos went live to the airline’s corporate and agency partners within a week of signing with Idomoo. The ability to bring their Personal Videos to customers so quickly was paramount in this case. And once that connection is established, there will be future opportunities for deeper personalisation down the road.

In a reality that is marked by isolation and social distancing, Personalised Video allows companies to create real connection with their customers and partners, keeping relationships strong and providing hope for the future. Whether you are looking to share important information with your customers or simply want to connect with them during these challenging times – Idomoo’s Personalised Video as a Service (PVaaSTM) platform makes it easy and quick! Click below to learn more.

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