5 Smart Ways Brands Are Using Video in Their Marketing

It’s undeniable that video is an important tool for online marketing because it humanizes your brand, boosts engagement and brings customers closer to your brand message. Video marketing also increases conversions and sales for e-commerce sites. What’s more, video marketing can save you a lot of time and money that you would otherwise need to invest in other kinds of marketing.

However, 20% of brands have yet to actually tap into the huge potential of video marketing. If you’re one of these brands, or you’re looking for more ways to improve your brand image with videos, we’ll help you get started. Here are 5 different ways we’re seeing brands use video in their marketing strategy.

1. Introduce Your Brand and Explain What You Do in a Matter of Minutes

If you’re not using video to introduce your brand and explain what you do, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Video is a powerful story-telling medium that businesses are leveraging to connect with their audience and explain what they’re all about.

There are a few different ways you can use video to introduce your brand.

  • Put your mission statement in an engaging video. Tell your viewers who you are and what you do at a glance.
  • Create a customer testimonial video. Show viewers who’s praising your brand and what they have to say.

Sephora tapped into the power of video marketing with this short clip showing the faces behind their brand.

Shoppers of different ages, backgrounds and more think back to their first experience at Sephora. While their experiences are unique, one theme is constant — how helpful and welcoming Sephora’s employees are.

The video celebrates Sephora’s diverse customers, showing the brand’s commitment to an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. It’s a message that especially appeals to younger generations — 76% of Gen Z believes diversity and inclusion is an important topic in brand messaging.

Whichever approach you take, make sure your video is high quality and engaging. It’s a great way to make a positive first impression.

2. Show Off Your Products or Services in Action

One of the best ways to show off what you’re selling is with video. It can bring your products or services to life and help potential customers see what exactly it is you’re selling.

There are a few different ways you can use video to show off your products or services. Create a video tour of your facility or office. Film a product demo to show what you’re offering in action. Market your products or services in a way that potential customers can really see and appreciate.

Take Acorns, a fintech app for investing, as an example. To make sure customers are using the app correctly, Acorns has several explainer videos showing how to use different parts of the app. The video below demonstrates how to use their “potential graph” feature.

An easy to follow video like this breaks down everything the viewer needs to know. In this case, the video clearly shows how to interact with the app’s latest feature.

In fact, customers prefer to learn about new products or services via video — research shows they’re 3.5x as likely to prefer brands that use video to explain complex information.

3. Create Engaging, Shareable Content That Showcases Your Brand’s Personality

If you want people to find interest in your brand, you need to create engaging and shareable content. And one of the best ways to do that is by using video.

With video, you can really show off your brand’s personality. You can make people laugh, make them think, or just give them a behind-the-scenes look at what you do. Whatever you do, make sure your video is entertaining and informative.


Become a video marketing expert with these top tricks and tips

Of course, you also need to make sure your content is shareable — and video is among the most popular types of content users share on social platforms. For instance, tweets with videos are 6x more likely to be shared than those with photos.

While videos are already shareable, viewers are even more likely to share them when they can customize your video content to their liking. Tap into the power of user-generated content to boost your brand reach, as WW (formerly Weight Watchers) did below.

Using the latest video technology, the company created a video where users could handpick their best stats from the year, straight from the video player. Once the video is customized to their liking, viewers could share their video on their social platforms to celebrate their fitness journey and show off all they had achieved.

Tip: To make it easy for viewers to share your videos, add social sharing buttons at the end of your video or below it. Don’t forget to promote your video on your other social media channels, too.

4. Answer Common Customer Questions And Address Concerns

If you’re like most businesses, your customers have some common questions. But you don’t have to leave it to your customer service to answer the same question again and again. A more effective solution that can help address common customer concerns is video.

Video is a great way to answer common questions and address concerns because it’s easy for customers to understand. Plus, they can watch the video as many times as they need. If you’re not sure where to start, try creating a video FAQ section on your website or blog.

You can make your video even more effective by personalizing it to your customer’s circumstances, as Mr. Cooper did below.

Escrow is a nuanced and complicated process. To make it easier for customers to understand, Mr. Cooper not only made their explanation visual, but personal, too. Explaining every viewer’s escrow statement with information tailored to their situation made for a message that was straightforward, clear and relevant. In fact, we’ve seen customer service videos like these increase call deflection by 73%.

This is a great way to proactively answer customer questions, and it can help to address concerns before they even arise. Plus, it shows your brand is willing to go the extra mile to help resolve issues and answer questions — building trust with customers when it matters most.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Website or Landing Pages

If you’re looking for a way to drive traffic to your website or landing pages, video is a great option. By creating engaging videos, you can reach a wider audience and promote your brand. Plus, video content is incredibly engaging, keeping your customers longer on your page — and increasing chances of converting. In fact, over 80% of marketers have seen video help them generate leads.

CCP Games created a visually stunning landing page to host their personalized highlight reel campaign for EVE Online.

my year in eve

When creating videos for your landing page or site, be sure to include a call to action so viewers know what step you want them to take next. Still wondering what else you can do to make the most of this type of video? We wrote a blog covering the best practices for creating your very own video landing page.

Different Videos for Bolstering Your Marketing

Video marketing has been around for some time, but it’s here to stay. If you need help figuring out the best practices for your brand or getting started, follow these tips and tricks to create an exceptional video that grabs your audience’s attention and doesn’t let go.

You can take all of these videos to the next level with the latest technology. Make them interactive, contextual, even evergreen to stand out from the crowd and see better business results.

We’d love to show you how it works. Schedule a 15-minute call to connect with one of our experts.

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