The Benefits of a Secure Personalized Video Vendor

The Benefits of a Secure Personalized Video Vendor

Idomoo: The Secure Personalized Video Platform

In today’s massive data-driven technology and Cloud-based world, protecting business information should be a top priority at the core of a company’s values and business operations. When it comes to a personalized video platform, where video and customized data go hand in hand, then building a culture of security to protect valuable data and information assets is paramount. A secure personalized video platform ensures that client and customer information is kept confidential at all costs. Furthermore, it proves you follow the best practices to secure and protect business information and it gives customers the confidence they’re looking for in a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Idomoo is officially ISO 27001 certified as of January 2015. Idomoo’s certification is authorized by an independent third-party audit and shows that we comply with the global standard for information security plus the extensiveness of our security management regulations. Information security and protection is crucial to our mission – to how we operate and do business with clients.

By achieving the ISO 27001 certification, Idomoo officially abides to the highest international security management standards and has reaped the following benefits:

– Constantly minimizing and eliminating information security risks, including company threats and vulnerabilities.
– Built a culture of detailed risk management controls to monitor company security policies.
– Preform strict routine checks to ensure that information security controls meets our information security needs.

Download the Idomoo ISO 27001 certification, here.

What services are included in scope for Idomoo’s ISO 27001 certification? The services included are:

– Personalized Video Technology
– Production Environment Systems and Products
– Production and Staging Cloud Environments
– IT Headquarters Management
– Local Area Network (LAN)
– Business Processes

Why is the certification so important?

According to 451 Research, the continual rise of Hosting and the Cloud means that Security and Compliance are at the top of customers’ priorities when it comes to protecting business information. Public sectors especially require ISO certification and verification.

What does the certification mean to you as a client/customer?

For you, our customer it means that you’ve chosen to work with a personalized video vendor that is committed to information security and protection of valuable client and customer data. With this certificate, Idomoo shows that it complies with the highest security standards so that you, our client, don’t have to search and make sure your customer data is being properly stored and protected as expected by your security team and customers. This certification can streamline processes of validation and investigation that are held when engaging with companies which don’t have this ISO certificate.

Customer relationship and experience is the flagship of Idomoo’s business strategy. Idomoo has invested a significant amount of effort in implementing strict processes and technologies so you, our customer, can rest assured and sleep well at night.  Your data is secure and safe with us.

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