Idomoo and Lewis University Win Gold in dotCOMM Awards

Our Personalized Video campaign with Lewis University was a huge success — just ask the experts.

The data-driven campaign earned gold in this year’s dotCOMM Awards under the category Video: Educational Institution. It consisted of short videos personalized to every viewer’s relevant financial aid awards, addressing one of the most important aspects of college — how students are going to pay for it.

What Are the dotCOMM Awards?

The dotCOMM Awards is an international competition run by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), celebrating creative professionals and their work in digital communications. The awards recognize the role applicants play in how products and services are marketed.

This year’s judges, all highly regarded professionals within their respective industries, saw a pool of incredibly diverse applications. Over 2,500 entries were received from various countries and professions for over 241 categories.

The awards were judged on several criteria, including quality, creativity and resourcefulness. Receiving an award, either platinum or gold, signifies recognition from the industry that the winner’s work is among the best of the best.

Our Winning Application

Leveraging our Next Generation Video Platform, Lewis University’s videos combined engaging visuals, including scenes from campus life, with personalized data. Each student received their own video, completely personalized to them, including relevant financial information. Check it out below.

With these easy-to-watch videos, students were able to understand the complicated details of their specific financial aid awards as relevant to them — all in a matter of minutes.

Using a video format added a human touch to the admissions process, showing the campus in action and congratulating each student by name on their acceptance. If students had other questions, they could easily reach out to an actual counselor with the information provided at the end of every video, which directed them to their appointed counselor.

their appointed counselor

“It’s no secret that financial applications can be incredibly stressful for students. But sending out easy-to-follow videos makes the process a lot smoother.” said Yaron Dishon, Idomoo CRO. “This win is huge for us. It shows the power Personalized Videos has in transforming ordinary touchpoints, and we’re excited to see where our work in the higher education space takes us next.”

But a successful campaign isn’t complete without impressive results. Here are the metrics that caught the judges’ eyes:

  • The videos had an 86% completion rate.
  • The majority (64%) of students watched their videos on their smartphone.
  • The campaign involved over 30 data points.

Personalized Explainer Videos: Why They’re Best in Class

If you want to know the ins and outs of explainer videos like the one we worked on with Lewis University, we wrote an entire article on how they work.

To put it simply, though, explainer videos break down information with helpful visual guides and insightful text. Better still, personalizing these videos with powerful customer data keeps every video short and relevant.

With personalized explainer videos, you can explain complex topics, from billing statements to policy changes and more, in a way that makes sense to every viewer. Or you can proactively answer questions by sending out a video in advance, just as Lewis University did.

Lewis University

Explainer videos work especially well for today’s digital-first students. Our market study shows Gen Z is driving the demand for video — especially those that are personalized and interactive. It makes sense, then, for universities to use video to communicate and engage with this generation as they enter college.

Win Over Your Customers With Personalized Video

Lewis University is just one of the many schools using Personalized Video to upgrade the student experience. From welcoming newly admitted students to alumni relations, data-driven videos are being rapidly adopted in higher education.

And our Next Generation Video Platform makes it easy to create videos for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of students. Whether you want to DIY or let us take control, we’re seeing schools use our platform to launch Personalized and Interactive Video campaigns with ease.

Curious to try it out for yourself? Let’s connect.

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