Why Today’s Marketers Must Use an Omnichannel Approach

The world of marketing is rapidly changing. Today’s consumers are more digital than ever, and they’re expecting brands to keep up.

At the same time, consumers are also becoming increasingly savvy with their devices and are navigating through the digital landscape with ease. To meet these changing consumer expectations, you need to consider how to be omnichannel in your approach.

By implementing an omnichannel strategy, you can give your customers the CX they deserve wherever they are — whether it’s on social media, via email campaigns and beyond. We dig into the benefits marketers are seeing by using this strategy below.

Omnichannel Marketing: What It Is

In the past, brands interacted with customers in channel silos. But customers no longer limit themselves to a single channel. They’re constantly switching from websites to apps and more to complete a single task.

To adapt, brands are using omnichannel marketing — a strategy where businesses reach customers at every possible touchpoint and channel for deeper engagement and stronger connections. Think about accessing your bank account either in-app or on a website. Or being able to schedule a doctor’s appointment via email or phone.

An omnichannel approach is especially important to younger generations. A report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council shows 87% of millennials and Gen Z prefer omnichannel communications.
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A consistent customer experience across channels is especially important to younger generations — 87% of millennials and Gen Z prefer omnichannel communications. Even older generations prefer brands that can communicate across channels — 78% of boomers say they’re unhappy when they have to restart a conversation with a business.

And when companies create a CX that meets them wherever they are, it pays off. Adobe found companies with the best omnichannel approach see 10% YOY growth and a 25% increase in close rates. We dig into what other benefits marketers are seeing from using this strategy below.

Increase Customer Satisfaction With Consistency

A consistent customer experience across channels is key to customer satisfaction. Today’s customers expect the same experience in-store, out of store, on-the-go and at home. For example, imagine you visit a retailer’s site. You add a few items to your cart. The next day, you decide to use their app to purchase those items.

With an omnichannel approach done right, your customer experience should continue without any hiccups. It should be just as user-friendly. The brand voice should be just the same. This kind of consistency is what truly boosts customer satisfaction. And when customers are happy, they’re likely to share their positive experience with friends and family — key to boosting your brand reach and improving your bottom line.

Bolster Customer Service

As customers become more tech-savvy, they expect to be able to contact you wherever they are and whenever they want.

Every touchpoint counts, but customer service is especially important. If a customer has a question or issue with your product, they don’t want to waste time remembering your business hours or what types of communication you offer.

Instead, let them choose how they’d like to reach out to you. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Pay attention to your social media. Reply to questions asked on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Messenger.
  • Use chatbots for 24/7 support. Automated responses can answer simple questions about your products and services, while customers with more complex questions can be redirected to a live agent.
  • Email customers an Interactive Video that allows them to self-serve on demand.

Wherever you choose to focus your efforts, make it easy for customers to resolve their issues — it shows they can trust you to help them when needed most.

Boost Your Brand Reach

The reach and potential of omnichannel marketing is greater than ever. You can use your physical store to promote in-app deals, or you can use your app or website to promote discounts on social media.


Find out how Gen Z wants to hear from brands

If a consumer sees a deal they like while they’re browsing your website, they can easily tap on it and be directed right to the app where they can make their purchase.

A boost in reach allows marketers to target an audience more effectively than ever before. As a result, businesses are able to increase sales by giving customers what they want, when they want it — and in ways that will motivate them to buy more often.

Omnichannel Marketing for Your Business

As you can see, the old system of one-way messaging through conventional channels is no longer effective — and must be replaced with a more comprehensive approach that includes various channels and mediums.

It’s obvious consumers want brand communications to be omnichannel. But that’s not all. They also want it to be visual. A staggering 62% of consumers want more videos from brands. If you’re not using video across channels, you’re not speaking your customers’ language.

So how can you start? By using the latest video technology. Personalize every video to your viewers to keep it relevant. Add interactivity to make the experience immersive. It’s all possible with our Next Generation Video Platform.

Ready to try it for yourself? Let’s connect.

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