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4 Brands that Took Personalized Marketing to the Next Level

4 Brands that Took Personalized Marketing to the Next Level

Brands worldwide have tapped into the power of marketing personalization and its ability to improve customer experience, drive revenue and create consistency across channels. A whopping 94% of senior-level executives believe delivering personalization is critical or important to reaching customers according to a joint study conducted by PwC and Forbes

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Danny Kalish, cofounder and CTO of Idomoo

Reinventing Data-Based Marketing With New Technologies

A version of this article appeared originally on N12. You can read it here. The world of marketing has long since undergone a revolution in data-based personal marketing. The advertisements on leading platforms show according to the user’s preferences. The next step for retail giants is sending customized offers directly

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Group of Gen Z consumers laughing together

How To Create Personalized Experiences for Gen Z Consumers

A version of this article appeared originally on Customer Experience Magazine. You can read it here. When it comes to customer experience, the newest generation of consumers is set to disrupt the status quo. They have different brand expectations, as you’ll see below, and they’re poised to have the economic

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Person holding phone with personalized content

What Is Personalized Content? 8 Places to Leverage It

When 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if a brand offers personalized experiences, the importance of personalization can’t be ignored. Businesses that hope to break through the noise and effectively connect with their customers are quickly learning that personalized content is the key.

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Illustration of email video marketing

How To Best Use Video in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Visual content, including video, plays a major role in digital media marketing campaigns — including email marketing — and that’s only growing. Our global society has moved from reading text to watching videos. The pros and cons of this have been discussed at length. However, what is pertinent here is

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