Personalized Social Video Campaigns: Overcoming CRM Data Boundaries

Recently, one of the world’s most famous brands made their connection with their customers more personal. Coca-Cola’s campaign, known as “Project Connect” was a creative attempt to strengthen the brand’s bond with Australian young adults and inspired shared moments of happiness in both the “real world” and the “virtual world”. The campaign was the first of its kind to celebrate the power of associating someone’s first name in a playful, social way with a product by swapping out Coke’s famous branding on bottles and cans with 150 of the most popular monikers in Australia. This campaign was so successful in connecting customers to the Coca- Cola brand name that the project was expanded worldwide. Adding a name to a physical product is a great idea, but what if you could create a personalized video with the person’s name, picture, as well as photos of their friends and family to your next marketing campaign?

Facebook’s “Say Thanks” Campaign

Many marketers have noticed Facebook’s new “Thank You” videos that Mark Zuckerberg himself kicked off with a video to his wife. Facebook knows that these days, more people watch videos on Facebook than on YouTube. People consume video content in vast quantities and are looking for interesting new videos to share on their wall. Incorporating personal photographs from their profile or their friend’s profile is an attractive way to do this. Another excellent example of this is the campaign Facebook ran on its 10th birthday where users could create their “Facebook stories” using their own photos, status updates, and other data they provided to Facebook over the years. People loved the idea of a video that is all about them. Brands can leverage the Facebook platform as well as other social media platforms to utilize the power of combining video together with people’s personal photographs. This enriches the consumer’s connection to their brand while at the same time turning followers into brand ambassadors.

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Cadbury’s Chocolate and Personalized Video: It’s Not Just About Chocolate

By personalizing videos, brands can reach customers directly and turn the traditional B2C relationship into more of a partnership rather than a one-way interaction. Cadbury’s has been on the cutting edge of personalized marketing with several personalized social video campaigns that have taken social media by storm and have generated positive results for the brand. One campaign for Cadbury’s Glow Chocolates> leverages the Idomoo Social technology so that users can create a personalized video that pulls photos from their Facebook accounts. They can then share the video with their friends and family via other social media networks. By providing consumers with personalized content, brands turn every consumer into a potential brand evangelist, basically “cobranding” with individual consumers.

Personalized Social Video Campaigns Eliminate the Hassle of  Customer Data Preparation

One of the main challenges marketers face when trying to compile an innovative marketing campaign is data preparation. Especially when aiming for a personalized marketing campaign, tailored to the customers’ specific profile, their  preference and history, defining the right customer profile and feeding the right data to each individual content asset might prove to be too challenging for busy marketing teams. Social apps – using Facebook profile data – tap into the 1:1 marketing campaign. Using an individual communication channel to target the specific customer – Idomoo Social offers a fast and easy solution.

Here’s how it works:
• By hitting the connect through Facebook button – Idomoo Social extracts the RELEVANT information for the campaign via the customer’s Facebook profile and automatically plugs it into the personalized video.
• The personalized video focuses on the INDIVIDUAL.
• The whole process is done in REAL-TIME.
• The end result is a compelling personalized video. By giving the customers – the center stage – each one is made to feel like a movie star.
• The advantage of a social video campaign over CRM is that social means the data is constantly fresh and up-to-date. It coordinates with the customers’ information about themselves. Information which is planted and entered by them and them alone.

Expanding Consumer Goods to Bring People Closer to Each Other and to your Brand

Utilizing video to engage customers allows brands to incorporate tactics that offer the highest level of personalization available. Thanks to the endless amount of data social media profiles offer, this personalization of videos is easy to implement and allows for greater ROI. The end result of combining data from social media networks with this medium is a video that the viewer is able to relate to and connect with immediately. In addition to making this immediate personal connection, the Cadbury Personalized Video Campaign allows the brand to expand its product offering through its package since the video is presented to its receiver through a QR code on the chocolate package. The Cadbury campaign drove outstanding engagement through social media shares that led to a high level of social media “virility”. The results of this were a 65% click-through rate and 33% conversion rate. A few years back, would you imagine that a box of chocolates would be a catalyst for so much customer engagement?

To learn more, download the Cadbury Campaign Case Study.

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