Create Deeply Personal Connections, Millions of Customers At a Time

Create Deeply Personal Connections, Millions of Customers At a Time

What does building a relationship between a customer and business really look like? To a business, it means recurring revenues, driven by customer data and profiles and cross-sell and upsell information. To a customer?

If they’re lucky, it may mean a loyalty discount (although tell that to the insurance industry) or a named email. In other words, most customer-brand relationships offer little to the customer.

Customers have busy lives. They interact with tens – even hundreds – of different brands every day. They’re not keeping score on how relevant this or that brand has become to them, which means your particular brand may easily get lost.

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So how about telling them – or better still, showing them – how your brand adds value to their lives?

Subscription brands have known how to do this forever: ‘You watched 15 videos this
month’; ‘You read about skiing 12 times – want to see some more?’ Luckily, recent advances in technology have made it possible for any company – large, small, digital, or bricks and mortar – to show customers just what that relationship with them means.

Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service (PVaaS™) platform creates dynamic, native
Personalized Video. It takes customer data and builds a showreel of their relationship with your brand. Critically, this is one-to-one, face-to-face type communication, but incredibly, on a mass scale.

How does this work? Take, for example, Epic Games’ Fortnite. Already a hugely social game, users get masses of value from bragging rights. Epic used Idomoo’s platform to create tens of millions of boast reels for their Fortnite players that could be shared on social media. Reels included player stats and other nuggets about their game activity. The number of Battles Royale won, or challenges accepted may be a chance to lord it over their co-players, but more than that – like a red rag to a bull – it’s a signal for co-players to get straight back online to beat the benchmark. That’s hard-core, no-nonsense engagement.

Another example is Delta airlines, which used customer data to create thousands of
individual videos about its loyalty club members’ flying habits. Adding a sharing facility saw members share details of their travel habits more than 400,000 times, garnering extra kudos for just how many red-eye flights they’d taken or miles flown, or cementing their reputation as the upgrade queen.


The impact of personalized video is not just in the personalization, but also in the power of visual versus the power of visual plus. Google already serves Dynamic Ads. They work. They improve customer acquisition by 60%. But you can go further. In terms of increasing customer engagement, here’s the simple formula: Images improve upon text, videos improve upon images, personalized video improves upon video alone. Dynamic Video Ads beat out traditional video ads on Facebook by delivering a five-fold increase in click-through rates and a four-fold uplift in brand recall.

Why wasn’t this possible until now? Quite simply, the technology wasn’t there. Using legacy technology, creating a campaign such as Epic’s would have taken more than 40 years to render. Epic indeed. Using Idomoo’s platform, tens of millions of personalized videos were rendered in under a day.

Time, cost, capability – these have all been valid reasons for non-digitally native companies to steer clear of personalized video until now. But these are no longer barriers and there is already a wealth of proof that customized, personalized video delivers the emotional and human touch brands need to increase ROI and reduce churn. If you don’t want your brand to get lost in the shuffle, this is the best way to gain – and keep – your customers’ attention…and loyalty.

If you want to learn more about building personalization at scale in a way that is devastatingly simple yet highly effective, get in touch below.

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