Can data-driven video fix the content relevance problem? Idomoo says yes

Can data-driven video fix the content relevance problem? Idomoo says yes

Diginomica opens its series of articles on #MWC15 with a feature about Idomoo and how its data-driven videos address the “relevance crisis.”

When it comes to the content relevance problem, Kalish (Idomoo’s founder and CTO) didn’t mince words:

“We only want relevant information; this is really a crisis. I only want information that matters to me. Why should I get the same ad Dan is getting? And I don’t want your long documents. I don’t want you to talk to me like you are speaking a different language. I want you to speak my language and solve my problems.”

Kalish says this personalization disconnect causes a huge user experience gap that too many brands are falling into. The cost? A breakdown in trust as consumers ratchet up their BS filters, gravitating towards brands that deliver a better experience.

Read the full Diginomica article here

To learn more about how Idomoo’s next generation personalized video platform solves the issue of content relevance, download our FREE white paper: Differentiation through Outstanding Customer Experience with Personalized Videos here 

Differentiation through customer experience via personalized video

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