How Wellness Apps Can Upgrade CX With Personalized Video

How Wellness Apps Can Upgrade CX With Personalized Video

In today’s digital world, it’s only a bit of an exaggeration to say that there’s an app for everything. When the pandemic hit and health became a top-of-mind priority, it came as no surprise that most of us — now stuck inside — turned to apps.

The number of wellness app users in the U.S. jumped more than 27% last year, with the numbers predicted to stay above 84 million users through 2022 — a 15 million increase compared to 2019.

Serving all kinds of users, the solutions cover diverse areas of wellness, from exercise and diet to mental health and overall lifestyle. Convenient and accessible, these apps help millions every day stay on track with their health goals while employing a powerful strategy: data-driven personalization.

The Personal Factor

The Personal Factor

Overloaded with options and equipped with information, today’s smart consumers are no longer satisfied with basic and generic. Gen Z, in particular, is highly aware of the data being collected about them and expect it to translate to tailored offerings, with 70% wanting websites to know what they want intuitively.

This expectation is amplified when it comes to health. After all, everyone’s body and situation are different, requiring personalized care and advice.

Understanding this, many popular wellness programs and apps highlight data analytics and personalization as key benefits. For example, Fitbit Premium boasts “deeper, personalized health insights” with its wellness reports, while the Peloton app collects and visualizes important metrics that help its users track their progress and meet their goals.

With personalization forming such a vital part of these apps, it’s time to get personal in other aspects of the customer journey as well. Rather than treating your customers like anonymous users, build trust, drive engagement and strengthen loyalty by personalizing your communications at every stage of the lifecycle.

4 Ways Wellness Apps Can Use Video to Improve CX

As personalization efforts sweep across the industry, video has become one of the biggest digital trends in health and wellness, reshaping the customer experience. Here are 4 areas Personalized Video can be used to upgrade communications with your customers.

1. Create Shareable Recaps

One of the most popular and effective ways to use data is with video recaps. They can be year in review videos to show your customer how far they’ve come or a monthly on-demand summary with the stats they care about.

This personalized content that compiles your customer’s best experiences, goals achieved, steps taken and more is great for reemphasizing your app’s value and strengthening loyalty. Plus, the engaging video format makes it perfect for sharing on social!

See how WW (formerly Weight Watchers) highlighted their clients’ top moments — from the steps they recorded to the points they earned — in a fun-to-watch video. With clients sharing the reel to their social networks, the campaign sparked nearly 2 million views and boosted WW’s exposure on social media.

Note about security: Keeping your customer’s wellness data private is an important aspect of serving them. Our video personalization platform is ISO-27001 information security certified, and your customer’s data is always anonymized, masked and protected.

2. Keep Your Customers Motivated

Keep Your Customers Motivated

When it comes to healthy lifestyle habits, one of the biggest obstacles is staying motivated to keep up those positive actions. A recent national survey found that nearly half (43%) of Americans suffered from a lack of motivation to exercise.

As a wellness app, you have a unique understanding of your customer’s goals and progress. Through onboarding questions and usage tracking, you’re able to gauge when a customer may need encouragement (such as in periods of low use) and send out a message accordingly.

Instead of sending out generic notifications or text-heavy emails, send some encouragement they’ll pay attention to: a motivational video tailored for each user. Check out these ideas below:

  • Remind them of the goals they were hoping to achieve with your app.
  • Encourage them with the results they’ve managed to accomplish so far.
  • Recommend next steps based on what they’ve enjoyed before.

Remember: Effective personalization comes from relevancy. Avoid plugging in personal details just for the sake of doing so. Focus on including information that will help them reach their goals and provide them with a better customer experience overall.

3. Congratulate Them On Their Wins

Equally as important as encouraging clients when they’re down is congratulating them when they’re at the top of their game. Meaningful milestones are worth recognizing and, with data, you can know exactly when those milestones are reached.

From achieving a new personal best for fitness to meeting a weight loss goal, send them a celebratory message in a format that is both engaging and shareable: Personalized Video.

Check out this campaign from Orangetheory Fitness as an example. Highlighting members’ achievements with a video that featured a soundtrack made from their own workout BPM, the campaign was a huge success. During the video’s launch week alone, they saw a record high attendance in classes!

Why did it work?

Orangetheory Fitness went above and beyond, congratulating their members with a creative piece of content that could be likened to a personal gift. The video and soundtrack surpassed members’ expectations while inspiring loyalty and community as they shared it with friends.

4. Send Personalized Offers

Video personalization can also be used in your sales efforts. More specifically, cross-selling and upselling campaigns are much more effective when wellness apps leverage the rich customer data that they have at their disposal.

  • Why personalization? Offers that are catered to the user have a greater chance of getting results. A whopping 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations, according to an Accenture study.
  • Why video? Presenting that personalized offer in a video boosts its chances of success even more. Not only can video simplify complex offerings with visual elements, but the medium has also been found to be superior when it comes to retention. Viewers remember 95% of a message when it’s presented via video.

Whether you want your customers to upgrade their membership level or join a new service, make your offer relevant with a dynamic video that’s designed just for them.

Going the Extra Mile With Personalization

Wellness apps are well-equipped with the data

Wellness apps are well-equipped with the data to give their customers the personalized experiences they crave. Combining those user insights with video improves communication, making for happier customers and a better bottom line.

But how do you get started?

It’s critical to leverage Personalized Video in a scalable way. Our platform can create millions of dynamic videos in real time, so no matter how many customers you have, you can reach out 1:1 to support their wellness journey and create a stellar CX.

We’d love to show you how (and why) it works. Get in touch to request a demo of our secure, fully open Personalized Video platform.

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