Growth Hacking through Personalized Videos

Growth Hacking through Personalized Videos

Growth Hacking Snapshot

It’s become the holy grail of startups the world over. Yes, we’re talking about growth hacking. The well in-demand strategy is changing the startup landscape as we know it. From Silicon Valley to China, prominent thought leaders and CMOs are adopting actionable growth tactics to gain competitive advantage for their business.

With a clear cut mission to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, growth hacking is committed to product marketing and engagement in a saturated digital space. It’s about product vision, innovation and distribution.

Growth Hacking Products 

To really sink your teeth into growth hacking and develop a growth-centric strategy you need to think about the virtual world we live in. The age of the screen has redefined the meaning of the word product. Online products are not tangible and will never be. They’re not physically available for you to hold or touch. So how can you bring them to life and ensure they reach your target audience? More importantly, how can you develop engagement?

Viral Growth & Product Adoption

Social sharing is one of the best ways for inducing product benefits and spreading the word about your product without breaking the bank. SEO, blogging and other inbound marketing hacks are imperative for growth hacking methodology. The surge of Cloud and self-service platforms like Facebook, Airbnb and Dropbox are all players in their own adoption. As Neil Patel puts it, “Facebook allows you to share their product with other friends to make your own experience on their platform better. Shampoo can’t do that.”

Growth Hacking for PR

“PR needs to better understand how journalists share and measure their news. With this information, PR pros can better craft stories that meet journalists and their audience’s interests.” (Cyber Alert)

As video continues to dominate the media landscape and PR ecosystems becoming nosier than ever, communication constantly needs to strive for inventive means in which to engage relevant audiences. Bombarded with press releases, left, right and center, today’s PR language needs to speak directly with the ready to type, tweeting, newsfeed hacking, no-time to spare digital journalist.

Growth Hacking through Personalized Videos 

Etched on social media, we decided to rev up our PR campaign engine and meet the busy journo’s needs. Idomoo Director of Innovation and our very own growth hacking wizard, Dan Shamir created  an ingenious viral growth campaign for the launch of our next generation platform and Dynamic Storybuilding Suite. We couldn’t resist but share it with you.

1. The personalized video email. A week prior to the launch we sent out an email with a video customized to each journalist – to drive them to hit the play button, watch the video and encourage product awareness. Here’s what the email looked like:

personalized video email

2. The video tweet. The video starts with a Google search for the best tech reporter in the industry. Search results point out the viewer’s name as the best reporter. The video continues to browse the journo’s very own Twitter feed with a tweet from Idomoo:

Tweet to journalist
Once the Tweet button is hit the same exact tweet is sent to the viewer’s Twitter account in real-time. Yes, we were drinking our own Champagne here, leveraging Idomoo Social with real-time video automation.

3, Media kit. Once the  journalist viewed the video, a second email was automatically sent to them containing the press kit:

media kit


By putting the journalist right in the spotlight and integrating personalized video – our PR campaign proved to be vital ammo for viral growth – fueling product awareness and engagement with a compelling and personal video story individually crafted to capture the busy journalist’s mind. The future is now and growth hacking marketing will continue to influence the mindset of how we go to market. Personalized videos can help and optimize growth hacking. Just check out our campaign results:

50% CTR & video view rate increase

Industry stats show that on average reporters’ email open rate for news is 2%. That’s a 2,500% uplift!

Growth hacking marketing is all about applying an empirical and scalable methodology and having someone on board who truly understands the product from design to engineering and distribution. Hats off to Dan who created and developed this campaign. Dan often teams up with the marketing team, bringing his passion, creativity and expertise to push metrics using innovative methodology to drive product growth.

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