Building Your Own Personalized Video Campaign Part 2: Production and Animation

Building Your Own Personalized Video Campaign Part 2: Production and Animation

In Part 1 of this series, we outlined the discovery and creative processes guiding you to set goals for your personalized video campaign, establish a message, and create a concept for all the essential elements of dynamic video: narration, scenes, audio, and visuals. In this post/article, we’ll delve into the more technical aspects of producing and publishing your video content.

Personalized Video: A Closer Look at Production and Animation

We talked about the different layers of personalization in our last blog and the importance of clearly defining the elements of your video you’d like personalize. The three levels of personalization – dynamic visual elements, audio and scene animations – should be first and foremost when creating each element of your video campaign; your guiding lights while creating an effective and cohesive marketing campaign. After you’ve thought about how to personalize your video, you’ll follow these basic steps to see your vision through.

  • First, create a flow chart for all the scenes you will need for different track combinations.
  • Use the customer and client data and the ideas that are already available to you from the planning stage of creating personalized video.
  • Record and/or animate all of the options.

Before embarking on these steps, ensure that you have all of the materials necessary to see your project through to completion:

  • Adobe After Effects: While some production and animation work can be done in other applications such as Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Flame and The Foundry Nuke, the work on the personalized elements must be done in After Effects. Be sure your animators understand the specific guidelines they need to follow when doing the animation or recording the audio. You can learn about these guidelines in the Idomoo Academy.
  • Dynamic Materials: Gather all of the various materials used to fill your animated placeholders, such as images and audio files.
  • Idomoo After Effects Plugin: Once the animation process is finished and all of the rules followed, Idomoo’s plugin allows you to package the project and export it to the Idomoo StoryBuilding Suite. From here the animation studio’s work is done.


How Idomoo Can Help You

For companies without a background in producing video, ensuring that all of the many elements come together to create personalized video can be time consuming. Idomoo allows you to automate technical setup, either on a self-serve basis through the Dynamic Storytelling Suite or through premium full services. So while companies always have full control over the message and full approval at every stage of the process, the Idomoo technical team handles the details by guiding recording sessions, editing files, creating and revising animations, ensuring file compatibility, and compiling video files for review. Companies that prefer a more hands on approach to their personalized video projects can try the Dynamic Storybuilding Suite, which provides the tools to choose and edit scenes and customize images, text, and audio. Stay tuned for the third part in this series, which will discuss testing, measuring, and improving your video campaign in preparation for the live date.

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