Creating Your Own Personalized Video Campaign

Creating Your Own Personalized Video Campaign

Across the board, video has become an essential marketing campaign component. In fact, research shows that about 50% of companies are currently using video in their marketing campaigns, and by 2017, video is expected to make up almost 70% of online consumer traffic. But there’s no denying it: Some companies are doing it better than others. What’s the secret to a successful video campaign with a real impact on the viewer? Creating personalized video that speaks your customer’s unique needs, wants, and experiences.

Enhancing Your Marketing Campaign with Dynamic Video

In the world of marketing, not all content is created equal. This is especially true when it comes to videos. While many companies are under the impression that incorporating video of any kind into their online marketing campaign will bring in the numbers they want to see, this simply isn’t the case.

In order to be successful, video campaigns need to be crafted with the customer in mind. Users wading through a sea of marketing content want to see something beautiful, fresh, informative, fun, and most importantly, something that mirrors their experiences, needs, lifestyles, or their dreams and ambitions.

Short and visually appealing videos give modern consumers exactly what they want—rapid-fire information in an entertaining format that doesn’t take up too much of their ever-shrinking time. Videos have unparalleled reach: they’re easy to share via social media and they build brand recognition. Research suggests that 7 out of 10 people report more positive feelings towards a brand after viewing compelling video content.

For businesses of all kinds, from small to medium, outstanding customer communication that’s tailored to each customer motivating them to step closer to the brand and differentiating the brand’s story from others is crucial for its success. View our guide on how to create your own Personalized Video campaign below.

A Guide to Creating Personalized Video

In this four-part series, we’ll walk you step by step through each part of the personalized video creation process, sharing insights that we’ve learned over the time we used to create personalized videos for a wide variety of clients—from insurance companies to retailers—that reaches the heart of clients’ experiences, humanizing your brand, and building trust and loyalty.

Step 1: The Discovery and Creative Process—In this first post, we’ll discuss how to begin generating ideas for your video campaign, how to target your audience, and how to produce a coherent message with a script, visuals, and audio to complement it.

Step 2: Production and Animation—Now that you’ve got your final concept, it’s time to create the actual files. From video scenes to dynamic content audio and dynamic narration, we’ll show you how to transform your concept into a living, breathing work of art.

Step 3: Testing, Measuring, and Improving—As with every new marketing endeavor, it’s vital to test the effectiveness of your video campaign from a user experience standpoint as well as in relation to customer feedback. AB Testing and optimization should be ongoing so that videos can be altered or improved based on market demands.

Step 4: Roles and Responsibilities—The final part of the series outlines the roles of each member of the company and Idomoo team. An effective video campaign truly takes a village to complete, all with different talents and ideas to bring to the table.

Personalized video may just be one part, but an important part, of an effective and coherent marketing campaign, mapping the customer journey in an easily digestible and engaging format while building customer relationships. Creating your own personalized video storytelling is easier than ever with Idomoo’s Dynamic Storytelling Suite, which manages the nitty gritty of video creation so that your company can place its most important assets in the spotlight – its customers and its service.

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