6 Key Elements to Consider When Choosing a Personalised Video Platform

So you’ve decided to go PV (Personalised Video) and use Personalised Videos to improve your communication with your customers. But where do you start? How do you know which PV platform is best for you? What factors do you need to take into account when selecting a PV platform? We’ve simplified the decision making process for you with a list of the main things to consider. Check out our highlights below.

1. High Quality Video
Appearance is everything when it comes to video. Make it beautiful. Invest in the visuals. It will pay off big-time. Technically speaking, you want to be proud of how your video looks and you want it to be valued. The Personalised Video should be a good representation of your brand. You want a high quality video in high definition that includes interesting animation and cinematic effects. A PV should take the viewer on a short yet powerful journey and appeal to their emotional, audio and visual senses. Imagine seeing a video with your name on a balloon flying in the air or on a car or a roadsign, the room for creativity and evoking emotions is limitless. Take a look at how a PV can incorportate the viewer’s name (in this case the name – Clare) into multiple places:

dynamic name

2. Creative Freedom for Storytelling
You want to be able to tell your story your way, without any restrictions. Choosing the style of storytelling that best fits your brand’s values and culture and being able to pick any creative partner to work with anywhere in the world, will benefit your creative freedom – ease the video production process and allow you to work with any PV template. A vendor that can address any use case with personalised video – to communicate your message – will deliver what you need and want in the most effective way. For each use case – the best creative approach and the best creative agency to work with should be available to you. Recommended: partnering with a certified local creative agency or studio that speaks your native language and has a good understanding of your brand and its vision.

3. Real-Time
Generating the PV in real-time, right when the user wants to watch it is very important. This means the user is viewing up-to-date information, it also means that you don’t need to pay for videos that no one watched. Very few vendors are able to generate high quality videos in less than 5 seconds.

4. Security
Personalised video and data go hand in hand. Your customers’ data is highly sensitive and should be kept confidential at all costs. To ensure this, look out for a platform that is ISO 27001 certified. This shows international standards and the best practices of security management are strictly adhered to. Additionally, it means that protection of information is prioritised and continually managed so security risks are eliminated on an ongoing basis.

ISO 27001 Certification

5. Scalable
Videos need to perform and perform well. Social videos, in particular, are subject to an exponential rise in views and sudden spikes. The most advanced technology can support auto-generated customised videos to masses in real-time. Generating millions of videos on demand in very few seconds.

6. Best Practices
Personalised Video  is a new communication channel which leverages the power of  visual storytelling. When choosing a platform it’s not just  the technology you need to take into account – you also need to look out for the best practices to use personalised videos – based on the platform’s rich experience in your industry sector. Credible vendors with experience in kicking off successful international projects  – are the ones you should pencil in and seriously consider. A trusted platform you can consult with about incorporating any personalised element into your video – fast and smoothly – will make your campaign stand out from the crowd.

To wrap it up:
When it comes to video, there’s no second chance to make a first impression. Choose your platform wisely. Remember, your focal point should be on creating a video that stays true to your brand’s message and storytelling, 1:1 communication – personalised – on a mass-scale to an audience of one.

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