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  • How to Move People by Telling their Stories

    Posted by Adam Titcher on February 21 , 2014

    Conveying information in the form of a narrative helps us focus, recognize what is important, connect events, anticipate, and learn.

    Once upon a time, I was staring at a picture of a cave painting. It was a group of figures around a fire. I can’t say exactly what they were doing, but it could easily have been an Instagram snapshot of a group of friends telling stories around a campfire. Storytelling as a group experience is as ancient as mankind…

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    Article by Adam Titcher

    Adam is a market associate at Idomoo, writing creative content, as well as, lending his voice for personalized video narration. He loves storytelling, bringing life to products with his words and insights. He also loves playing video games and watching sports. But when he is not at work you will find him with his kids and family. He is also on twitter @adamtitcher.