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  • Extend Customer Engagement Every Step of the Customer Life-Cycle

    Posted by Danny Kalish on January 28 , 2015

    How do you bridge the gap between CRM and successful long-term customer engagement? 

    Bridging the gap between existing CRM systems and successful long-term customer engagement requires a paradigm shift in the way companies strategically communicate with their customers.

    What is required is a last-mile delivery mechanism, like personalized video, to help project a perception that someone genuinely cares about the customer. A well-executed personalized video can have a huge impact on every aspect of the customer relationship. When they see that someone took the time to craft a personal movie just for them, customers return again and again to engage with the company.

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    Article by Danny Kalish

    CTO & Co-Founder at Idomoo.
    Danny is a serial entrepreneur and a man of vision. He has a strong track record in a number of successful startups, delivering value to its investors and clients. He defines innovative products and services from concept to fruition while turning real customers’ needs and pains into successful solutions.