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  • CMSWire – Idomoo Gets Personal with Video Platform

    Posted by Adam Titcher on July 2 , 2015

    “Watch this. And this.” How often have you heard those words in the enterprise?

    Video is a popular channel, Forrester researchers report, for both internal communication with employees and external communication with customers and partners. Gartner predicts large companies will stream an average of 16 hours per worker per month by 2016.

    Idomoo banks all of its technology on personalized video. Its platform is geared toward arming marketers with data-driven opportunities to connect with prospects visually.

    Today, the New York City-based provider released a solution that takes the personalized video creation process and bundles it into one system. The new solution — called the Dynamic Storybuilding Suite — is part of the Idomoo Personalized Video (PV) Cloud Platform. According to officials, it automates and streamlines the personalized video creation process.

    Visual = Better

    Ronit Soen, head of marketing for Idomoo (which stands for – “I do movies”), told CMSWire digital communication “basically controls and grows in each and every segment.”

    However, traditional marketing communication channels have “become less and less effective” because they’re based mostly on textual information.

    “Our brain doesn’t received it as well as visualized information,” Soen said. “Results can be much higher compared to any other digital channel.”

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    Article by Adam Titcher

    Adam is a market associate at Idomoo, writing creative content, as well as, lending his voice for personalized video narration. He loves storytelling, bringing life to products with his words and insights. He also loves playing video games and watching sports. But when he is not at work you will find him with his kids and family. He is also on twitter @adamtitcher.