Cloud-Rendered Video

Idomoo’s PVaaS (Personalized Video as a Service) is based on the most advanced rendering engines, with sophisticated proprietary algorithms that seamlessly integrate dynamic customer content into cinema-quality personalized videos.

Dynamic content can include:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Animation
  • Backgrounds
  • Audio – voice-over and pre-recordings
  • Video – dynamic video elements within the personalized video itself
  • Scene branching – displaying different scenes to different users

Big Data
Idomoo’s sophisticated content matching to business-logic based on CRM data, ensures that every customer receives personalized and customized information at the right time.

Multiple Modes
Idomoo offers two modes of video generation for greater flexibility, batch and real time.

Personalized Video – Batch Mode

Idomoo’s Personalized Video Platform generates high-quality cinematic videos for each customer. Each implementation begins with a master video template. In addition to the master video, data from the client’s CRM system or internal customer database is imported into the personalized video platform. Once the data file is received, an automatic process triggers the creation of the videos. When all the videos have been generated, a PURL (Personal URL) file is created with links for each video in web and mobile formats.

LivePV – Personalized Video – Real Time

Idomoo’s technology supports the real-time generation of personalized video. Idomoo provides an extensible API that receives all customer data in real time and within two seconds of receiving the data, the Idomoo engine generates an HD video that can be presented immediately to the customer. Data in this API call can include any type of data such as numbers, dates, names, images and more. Idomoo’s real-time video generation function supports high-quality and high-definition videos without delaying the response time.