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  • Ultimate Guide: How To Personalize Marketing For Millennials

    Posted by Adam Titcher on April 21 , 2016

    Hacking The Millennial Mind The 2016 consumer is evolving by the minute, and the mindshare of the consumer is becoming an intriguing challenge to capture. Advertisers are shifting gears to find the best mode of communication and are aggressively using new media as their main advertising channel. The Millennial Generation (ages 18-34) has become the central […]

  • The Ideal Video Length When Marketing Content

    Posted by Adam Titcher on April 12 , 2016

    Find out the ideal video length for your advertising efforts This year YouTube looks to make more than $2 billion in video advertising revenue. Agencies are shifting their video marketing approach, focusing $10 billion of total expenditures on digital advertisements. Video length ranges between 15 to 30 seconds but oddly, 80% of internet viewers are […]

  • Idomoo Introduces Dynamic Video Ads for Ecommerce

    Posted by Adam Titcher on December 1 , 2014

    300% increase in CTR over traditional video advertising and 600% over Display advertising. 200% ROI increase compared to standard store conversion. Today Idomoo announces Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads. The cloud-based video automation features real-time customized videos for the masses. Idomoo Dynamic Video Ads offers brands and sellers a breakthrough video advertising platform. Leveraging Idomoo’s proprietary IP that combines video […]

  • Dynamic Video Ads Changing the Game at CES 2015

    Posted by Adam Titcher on December 18 , 2014

    Idomoo is about to announce a new category under the umbrella of Idomoo Video Cloud. Stay tuned for our news at CES 2015, this January in Las Vegas. Our research demonstrates that video is the medium that will be used most often moving forward both for direct content marketing campaigns and online advertising. By 2018 […]